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½ September 18, 2017
- FLIXSTER WHY CAN'T I JUST DELETE A REVIEW??!!!! - Actually better than the first - funnier, just as solid plot and better action (despite less violence) - FLIXSTER WHY CAN'T I JUST DELETE A REVIEW??!!!! -
September 18, 2017
mostly want to see how galactus is treated.
September 2, 2017
When I was 17 I Loved It. Now As An Adult I Think It's Better Than Ok.

It's Problems:

It still has Ham Fisted Plot Points, though they're more planned out this time and they're not as bad as the 1st. Atleast this one didn't feel like a checklist.

I found the Silver Surfer too bland in this movie. His story for destroying planets is very thin. Would've been better if it was mind control. Also if he had the power to destroy Galactus, why didn't he just do that before he went on to kill planets for him? Just get him some distance away from your planet and suicide bomb him like you did in the end scene.

The Army were just dumb idots in this movie. A trope that's been overdone. When explained properly this type of behavior could've been accepted but no we don't get that. Apparently the Commander and Reed have some High School? history and that's all we got for him not liking the team. Oh the heroes fail? You know that happens sometimes that doesn't mean you go trusting Victor Von Doom of all people. He tried to destroy NYC, as soon as he served his purpose she should've been locked away not taken to a weapon of mass destruction.

Von Doom wasn't needed in this movie. He was just in there to create forced tension for plot sakes.

It still relies on Reed and Susan's relationship. Everyone in that movie is literally making a big deal about their wedding. Too bad I don't really care about it. Luckily this is only for the beginning and a bit in the middle and the end.

There are a few minor continuity errors. I can't remember what they are ATM sorry, but they're there.

Also how can Johnny breathe in Space? Is that like a benefit of being the human torch?

The Good:

This movie is way funnier than the 1st. And I'm talking about scenes that were meant to be funny. I never expected to deliberately laugh so much at this movie. There were serious parts where I did laugh ironically as well.

More Hero Stuff than the last. I don't have to explain why this is a positive.

I LOVE the action sequences in this movie. I love the power switching and how affects the 4. I love every scene involving the Surfer while he's flying or fighting. And Johnny having all of their powers, screw logic, that looked bad ass.

In terms of the human, family side of the story, I thought the writing did improve on that part. It's not perfect but it did improve. It was very interesting seeing an extrovert like Johnny deal with having to become an introvert, but on a bigger scale than the previous film. He could've hurt someone and then to deal with the team possibly splitting up. Shows how human Johnny is. Seems as though Tim has a thing for Johnny.

The VFX, though outdated, still kinda holds up for the most part and is better than the last. I can't get over how beautiful the silver surfer looks.

Honestly I feel that the more Tim Story gets involved with the Fantastic Four the more he gets them. This movie shows that he can grow and know how to do a set characters as time goes by. And I honestly think if he did a 3rd Fantastic Four movie, it would be a Fantastic Four Movie or closest to a good one.
August 10, 2017
Meh, it wasn't that bad.
½ July 18, 2017
The strength of the first film was the bickering banter among the quartet of heroes, in the sequel it's relied on too much and is not nearly as well written; while still intermittently funny, the feeling is that it's trying too hard and the charm that smoothed over the previous film's rough edges is lost. The heroes as celebrities angle is interesting, but not enough is done with it other than to give them opportunity to whine and complain, hardly an endearing quality and made worse when the stars point out how they have everything (and their wealth is clearly onscreen). This makes them less sympathetic and further erodes their charm. Only the Silver Surfer scores any kind of emotional reaction, which is surprising considering he is portrayed almost without emotion, but perhaps that's because he's given some subtlety. He's the only consistently interesting element and the mystery created by his arrival and then pathos of his situation is well done. His interaction with Alba's Sue Storm also good and reflects well on her, but otherwise he undermines the heroes we are meant to root for. The cosmic threat is never taken seriously and it's unclear why the audience should, it's another element that suffers from being undeveloped and ends up being as best inscrutable, at worst rather lame. The action is not very exciting and the climax especially is not very rewarding on an emotional or story level, although it's brevity is perhaps merciful. Finally the power-swapping is not only silly, but undercuts the 'powers are a curse' aspect that Marvel characters do so well. And, yes, once again any potential to do anything with it is not capitalised on, true to form it's used mainly for forced humour. Overall this is a film that is mostly unengaging and not nearly as fun as it thinks it is.
½ July 13, 2017
Maybe it is a slight improvement over the first Fantastic Four, but it is still poorly scripted, full of cringeworthy moments and overused special effects.
June 19, 2017
The Fantastic Four is one of the coolest, most recognizable superhero teams in existence, so choosing the group for a series of movies seems like a no-brainer, right? All they'd need to do is bring in a decent cast including a couple young stars and make sure the effects look anything but cheesy. The first Fantastic Four (2005) - detailing the group's (along with the villain's) origin - was a little slow, as origin stories can be. The action looked good, and Chris Evans entertained as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch.

The movie showed us the franchise's potential and made money, so they were given another shot.

Two years later, we get the aforementioned sequel. It ends up being what I can only describe as a 93-minute mess of story arc mashups. They hadn't quite closed the book on Doctor Doom. They decided to add the Silver Surfer and Galactus to the fray. Kerry Washington's Alicia Masters had her story squeezed into the first film and she just kind of hung around in this one. The Fantasticar showed up, but definitely should've been redesigned. Oh, and there's a wedding.

Many fans, myself included, were more than excited to see the Silver Surfer's film incarnation, prior to its release. We did not get what we had hoped for. He was... silver. Cool. He was voiced by Laurence Fishburne for some reason? The board is the source of his power, and taking it renders him powerless. Umm, ok. He flew around mixing up the heroes' abilities and giving Doom even more strength, mistakenly. What? They never clearly state what the Surfer is capable of so they just make him able to do everything, whether it be on purpose or by accident. Apparently, no one cared to understand how the Silver Surfer works. The big fight ends with a game of intergalactic chicken, more or less. It was infuriating.
June 1, 2017
Poor effects, lackluster writing, and a disregard for the source material sinks this Fantastic Four film.
May 7, 2017
Not bad but way too corny with the humor
May 1, 2017
Grade - C+
A slight improvement over the first, I remember loving this movie as a kid. Looking back on it now, I can certainly see its flaws but have to respect my 7 year old self's love for it.
March 25, 2017
a bit better than the original but with weak spots.
February 16, 2017
Fantastic Four won't reach to the same superhero heights as Batman or Superman, but this movie is still quite entertaining, or at least much better than Josh Trank's hopelessly lost 2015 reboot.
January 5, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 2, 2017
Well... at least it wasn't the worst FF film.
½ December 23, 2016
its gonna be AMAZING

silver surfer just looks so awesome. hopefully they can keep the corn down in this one and focuse on what matters: action (and a decent plot line)

hopefully ms. alba has learned something about acting since the last FF movie...
October 26, 2016
Another failed fantastic 4 movie
October 10, 2016
10/8/2016: Meh. A great returning cast, but not a very well developed story and not much action.
September 24, 2016
I had great expectations for this movie, and yes, this movie did not meet it. It had potential, and all in all the Surfer looked and sounded right. But it was a weak script, but good popcorn fun nonetheless.
½ September 17, 2016
At this rate, I do not know if the people behind Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer are trying. Yet somehow, this is a much better movie than its laughable predecessor.
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