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½ January 20, 2019
Not the best Marvel superhero film.
January 6, 2019
Much better than its predecessor, but it's still an awful movie. Worst superhero movie and comic book movie of 2007. They turned Galactus into a GIANT PURPLE CLOUD. WTF?! Why does this god-awful movie have a higher audience score than Hulk (2003) and Daredevil (2003)? This movie should have at least a 31% RT audience score.

Rating: 3.5/10
½ January 2, 2019
Horrible, only a little better than the first one.
½ December 28, 2018
Lukewarm sequel to a fun popcorn flick.
December 2, 2018
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Sliver Surfer ditches it energetic and wild source material of awesome space battles and cool villains and brings us an acceptable follow up to it's critically panned predecessor that tries too hard to deliver a sequel that is much better and more fleshed out then it's original film therefore it fails at doing so. Nonetheless, director Tim Story is able to provide the audience with entertainment and laughs despite some of the jokes falling flat. Moreover, the film contains too many digitally rendered scenes that look like Ps2 graphics so they barley hold up today, especially now that we have the 4K viewing experience and the 60fps speed; not to mention new stunning forms of CGi animation. Forbye, the film is aided by (mostly) pleasurable and enthusiastic performances from the titular team however, a poorly written story, filled with many plot holes, contrivances, too many protagonists and dislikeable new characters sink the Four. But, besides, there are some hit-miss jokes and some scenes that are definitely worth the watch but the potential of the film was kind of thrown away due to the horrendous interpretation of Galactus and it shows you why the Four should be with Iron Man and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in the end, The Four just can't get away from it's juvenile and simple presence but this sequel does have it's moments. It's a film that I wouldn't mind rewatching as it is inoffensive and harmless.
½ September 4, 2018
good, but not as good as the first
½ August 11, 2018
It's a movie that probably should have been a TV series.
½ July 23, 2018
The strength of the first film was the bickering banter among the quartet of heroes, in the sequel it's relied on too much and is not nearly as well written; while still intermittently funny, the feeling is that it's trying too hard and the charm that smoothed over the previous film's rough edges is lost. The heroes as celebrities is an interesting angle, but not enough is done with it other than to give them opportunity to whine and complain, hardly an endearing quality and made worse when the stars point out how they have everything (and their wealth is clearly onscreen). This makes them less sympathetic and further erodes their charm. Only the Silver Surfer scores any kind of emotional reaction, which is surprising considering he is portrayed almost without emotion, but perhaps that's because he's given some subtlety. He's the only consistently interesting element and the mystery created by his arrival and then pathos of his situation is well done. His interaction with Alba's Sue Storm also good and reflects well on her, but otherwise he undermines the heroes we are meant to root for. The cosmic threat is never taken seriously and it's unclear why the audience should, it's another element that suffers from being undeveloped and ends up being as best inscrutable, at worst rather lame. The action is not very exciting, and the climax especially is not very rewarding on an emotional or story level, although it's brevity is perhaps merciful. Finally, the power-swapping is not only silly, but undercuts the 'powers are a curse' aspect that Marvel characters do so well. And, yes, once again any potential to do anything with it is not capitalised on, true to form it's used mainly for forced humour. Overall this is a film that is mostly unengaging and not nearly as fun as it thinks it is.
½ July 23, 2018
Se podian haber ahorrado esta segunda parte, basicamente porque es penosa
½ June 23, 2018
Very stupid, much bad, big cliché, written by a kid
March 23, 2018
A nice and thoughtful superhero film. Nothing more.
February 4, 2018
Better than the newest FF, but not as good as the first. I didn't like the story much, but maybe that's how the comics went. I love Jessica Alba, and I'm glad they at least got the whole cast from the first movie.
½ February 4, 2018
Even worse than its predecessor, which is an embarrassment since the first Fantastic Four was not a good movie. The wedding storyline was horrible, Doctor Doom was completely unnecessary, Galactus was awful, and The Thing was underused. At least the Silver Surfer was good...
January 14, 2018
Better than the first. Silver Surfer was cool and a good threat for the team to take on. Some neat visuals with the Human Torch and Silver Surfer and entertaining action sequences.
January 12, 2018
I like it and I don't mind what everyone say
January 10, 2018
I hate that Galactus, but i love this movie
½ December 22, 2017
Enjoyable, occasionally thrilling and with great FX, although rather redundant as far as the characters and themes go. In other words, it doesn't have much to add to the first film but remains a pleasant watch. And one more thing: it's not that I have a problem with overblown subplots, but, with crucial scenes taking place in England and Germany, where the fuck are the respective armies and governments? Why is it all up to the US Army and the FF? And they couldn't even get an evacuation right...
½ December 16, 2017
Puntaje Original: 4.5

November 27, 2017
Much better then I thought it was going to be!
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