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August 4, 2015
A great comedy from the Louis de Funès golden age. The biggest problem is that the movie is too slow.
February 21, 2013
Innocent French 60's fluff--Little script, lots of stunts!!
March 28, 2011
Well, I love the band named after this movie, so I should probably see it at some point.
Super Reviewer
December 22, 2009
Louis de Funès played grumpy in most of his Movies but he was very funny.
½ August 13, 2009
Un bon film comique, avec une vraie singularité et une très bonne atmosphère. Dommage que certains défauts viennent parfois tout gacher: la scène finale est beaucoup trop longue, Mylène Demongeot concourt dans la catégorie "Pire actrice de la décennie", et certains plans, même pour les années 1960, sont surprenants (par exemple, à la fin, lors du carambolage, on voit parfaitement bien qu'il n'y a qu'un cascadeur et non pas 3 personnes, dans la voiture).
May 26, 2009
France's answer to James Bond, the supervillian, and master of disguise Fantomas. The first scene Fantomas steals a bunch of jewels, by impersonating a wealthy buisness man and signing a check for them in dissapearing ink. Fantamoas(at least his film incarnation), is the type of super-villan who would do battle mainly with his intellect, and not just stabbing people in the eye with pens.

Jean Marais, who I recognize from his Cocteau films, plays a reporter who writes a fake article about the theif, anarchist, and criminal King. Fantomas takes offense and kidnaps him bringing him to his Castle lair, in order to keep him out of the way while he impersonates him(he can make masks of anyones face), commiting crimes in broad daylight. Fantomas does similar for the bumbling chief of police. And eventually the reporter and the chief ae forced to join forces to bring him down. They fail, apparently as they do every Fantomas movie. Here the bad guy always wins, and not the anti-hero, the bad guy.

It's an amusing little light comedy (different from the dark, apacolyptic Fantomas tales in print), with enjoyable perfomances, and an excellent 15 minute long chase sequence at the end, which goes from cars to bikes to foot to trains to helicoptors to boats to submarines! The rest of the film was so set to light comedy, the action packed end(better than anything in Terminator Salvation), was a welcome and thrilling suprise.

Christopher Gans is supposed to direct the 2011 remake.
½ February 26, 2009
A classic. The man with a thousand faces and a wonderful Louis de Funes who never gave up. Love it.
½ February 23, 2009
une comédie amusante mais un peu ennuyante à la fin malgré sa courte durée
December 14, 2008
"oui, c'est bien moi...fantomas !"
March 10, 2008
a great french drama-comedy classic. Ive watched this several times in Russian. Cant' say it was my favorite flick. de Funes is funny as always...
November 22, 2007
Funny for its time and still worth spending time on.
November 14, 2007
Crazy, iconic of the 60's. Stylish & amusing. I love the whole series of films
October 6, 2007
I am in love with this movie it reminds me of my childhood.
September 24, 2007
These movies and sequels used to scare the poop out of me as a kid.
½ August 21, 2007
One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Louis de funes is absolutely comical
July 27, 2007
An absolute blast, very funny, with a very welcome secret agent twist. Louis De Funes is so good.
June 11, 2007
Mestertyven Fantomas lager trøbbel i Paris med sine snedige kriminelle mesterplaner. Det som skiller Fantomas fra for eksempel Olsenbanden, er at Fantomas aldri blir tatt til fange og han er dessuten hakket stiligere enn Egon Olsen. Blått ansikt og egen ubåt gjør Fantomas til tidenes filmskurk!
November 14, 2006
I like the deception and revenge elements..
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