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½ October 25, 2015
The transitions man, oh the transitions! Didn't know what to expect when I popped this gem into the dvd-player, so I was blown away. Everything about it from the black comedy to the akward social interactions to the space oriented themes just spoke to me as a person, so others might feel less enthusiastic about. But anyway, it is still a great movie, give it a chance!
½ January 4, 2013
Film très intéressant et poétique.
August 23, 2012
An unusual film worth seeing more for the unique and brillant transitions between scenes than for the somber, slow- paced story. Basically a soliloquy by a 40-year old perennial student who has been obscessed by the space programs since he was a child. The writer, director, star (in dual roles) Robert LePage, a true auteur, developed the film from his stage performance. The student's bumbling problems lend some levity to this quirky story; his video for a SETI message to the Universe provides additional interest.
June 6, 2012
L'oeuvre me gifle, carrément, et se hisse in extremis dans mon top 2 des films québécois. Je n'ai jamais, et quand je dis jamais, c'est jamais, vu un film québécois affichant tant de réalisme et d'audace à la fois, comme le documentaire d'un rêveur qui n'a plus rien à perdre. Robert Lepage est tout simplement incroyable et mérite amplement le titre de personnalité étant parmi les plus influentes dans l'univers artistique au Québec. Franchement, c'est digne des plus grands films québécois, quasi ex-aequo avec Léolo.
½ June 2, 2012
A wonderful mix of nostalgia, nerdness, life's enigma, and longing.
December 24, 2011
fresh sardonic quebecois tale about the space race, maternal attachments and growing up.
i was in stitches for much of the show ;) the sibling brawls are hilarious and credible
December 24, 2011
all in all, a delightful (and sometimes morose) rumination on our daily existence within the larger framework of science and politics. the sibling rivalry and exchanges were funny :)
December 17, 2010
This quality stuff about close relationships shows in a subtle and realistic way how the personal history starting from the early childhood molds us and tends to make us to repeat persistently the same behavior, same mistakes and little by little hardwire our life as our emotions take charge. It takes a lot of work to get out that cage...
December 17, 2010
Simply fabulous, a must-see-movie would I say...;)
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½ November 13, 2010
A creative concoction of science, social dysfunction and human persistence. Robert Lepage is simply incredible!
November 2, 2010
A tale of two brothers that evolves throughout the film. Really wonderful transitions that take you a moment to fully fathom. One of the better movies I had to read.
June 11, 2010
I just love Robert Lepage. Wonderfully directed & wonderfully performed. This film is a beauty.
May 3, 2010
Lepage creates a perfectly interwoven story depicting the banality of life and the constant search for meaning in a vast and often unforgiving universe. I particularly like the way he uses space as a way of making human existence seem small. Compared to the expansive size of the cosmos, our little blue marble, our daily lives, our hopes (dreams, fears, etc.) seem almost insignificant. It was a bit slow at times but he makes for that with interesting visuals, a beautiful score, and a great double performance and creates an imaginative, often depressing view of life.
½ March 19, 2010
Far Side of the Moon succeeds as a character piece due to strong writing and performances, as well as smart artistic choices throughout that never feel like they're there for the sake of looking good, but rather to enhance the storytelling. I would recommend it... even if it's from Quebec.
March 15, 2010
Grade: B+

French Canadian Multi-Tasker Robert LePage(writing, directing, & starring) has here created a near masterpiece, from his own stageplay. So drawn in was I by this films insights on so many levels. I kind of see this film as the lost human chapter of 2001: a space odyssey, which you may know is one of my favourite films.

The film is about many things: memories, lifelong regrets and hopes, lost loved ones, elation out of success, stagnation out of failure, the infinite universe; in three neat words, its about the human condition.

Put extremely simply, this is the story of two brothers living in the immediate wake of their mothers passing, who aren't identical twins, but are both played by the same person, Director LePage. The older brother, Philippe, is a over the phone solicitor, who is much too smart for his job, but has been in a rut. His brother Andre is a weatherman, and is in a homosexual relationship with Carl.

The film spends the bulk of its time with Philippe, although there is ample screen time for Andre as well. Other than their mother & Carl, the other characters' in this film are in only 1 or 2 scenes, yet they have great purpose and add meaning to the story.

Philippe, has since seeing the Apollo 11 moon landing as a child, wanted to be an astronaut ( or cosmonaut, as the Russians call them, and is said in this film as well). He was once a teacher, but has been writing a thesis for two years on "Mans' journey to the moon as fulfilment of extreme narcissism", and meanwhile has been working as a solicitor. He and his brother's mother just died from a slow degenerative disease. Both brothers had very different relationships with their mother, and both men don't see each other very much. They are like the Yin to the others Yang, in the literal and symbolic sense.

The acting by LePage is superb, and he is an intriguing figure on screen. He does a good job at portraying the brothers conflicting views in life, and the resentment and anger they harbour towards one another. Often we are met with ideas or facts about the brothers, and then suddenly we are shifted into the distant past, where the two brothers are living in their home as children; the flashbacks are used to evoke greater meaning in the present context, and allow for us to connect various dots. Yet the film always seems macrocosmic, never a mere character study, because its ideas and infatuations are with Existential and Cosmic themes. All of the smaller bits of seemingly ordinary bullshit are actually of limitless importance.

Such a knack for art house directing does LePage have. Sometimes we'll see two or three split screens, sometimes image superimposition; sometimes both, simultaneously. LePage makes effective use of dream sequences as well as memory recollection. Some scenes flow into others so effortlessly and discreetly that you may not even realize that one has ended and another begun. There are a couple formalist techniques that are representations of the characters inner psyche, including a mesmerizing one which ends the film.

There are so many subtle connections made in this film, and while it is very different from another film, Exotica, which I recently reviewed; both films have the same sensibilities, pertaining to tying memory recollection into the present plot, in strange and orignial ways. This narrative device not only illuminates the ending, but makes you realize that the beginning is no less important. This is unlike, say, a typical Hollywood narrative, which would usually employ flashbacks as a way to drive the present plot forward.

I truly admire this film, despite its sometimes slow pace. It has so much in it. I'll mention a part of the plot, which involves Philippe; while Philippe is watching a talk show, the host of the show has a member of SETI (search for extra terrestrial intelligence)on to speak. The person from SETI tells the people watching to send in video's of what you would like to say to ET's in the distant cosmos. SETI will pick the ten best video's and send them into outer space, where they may be found and watched by ET's. Parts of the rest of the film involves Philippe making video's as messages to the ET's, and it is purely brilliant. And so is this film. If you can find it, see it.

FYI: this is not a Science Fiction film. At all. And any score that seamlessly integrates Beethoven and Led Zeppelin into a film has my vote.
June 3, 2009
Robert Lepage is amazing in this movie!
½ December 16, 2008
good movie. first film I have seen by this director. I enjoyed it. I watch a lot of art films. This one did not do as much for me as some other reviewers. Three stars in my book. It was rather odd quirky somewhat experimental-- but I like movies with more plot. SEE my community film list of 5 star movies I have watched this year. If you are enthralled with the Apollo and mercury space program and exploration of space this movie will affect you more. it just was not my bag.
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December 4, 2008
Nope, I haven't seen the original stage play. This is the second Lepage film I have seen in my life, and I believe the themes that are explored are very similar to the ones in Le Confessional : except in that other film, broken family dynamics were explored with much more swing, and the result was frankly a lot more compelling.

Visually, this is clever and enticing work, as Lepage uses recurring imagery (the moon, a goldfish, television screens, washing machines) as Phillippe revisits his past and present. Special effects are both subtle and astonishing, and the camera gets up close to capture hidden recesses of emotion within the characters. Filmed with a small budget, La Face Cachée de la Lune still manages to dazzle. And yet... it's a bit annoying that the film doesn't grab hold more effectively, because artistically it is a real achievement. Lepage constructs films fluidly, dissolving between scenes in almost imperceptible ways that are clever and extremely skillful while touching on deep themes.

As an actor, Lepage is fine enough, but he can only command our attention onscreen for so long, so I found myself holding on to supporting performers for any narrative interest. Needless to say, he is at the very center of the project, so characters besides Philippe and Andre are not given a lot of screentime. I understand the brothers occupy the core of the drama, but I personally found them uninteresting, and their dialogue sometimes feels forced.

I wanted to fall in love with this one as it obtained even more international recognition than Le Confessional, but alas, I was not swept away at all. I appreciated it, but... that's about it.
½ October 22, 2008
Suddenly i had lost my interest in the film, precisely after 30 min. from that philosophical overture about the disfigured side of the moon. I admit that there were some nice dissolves between shots and scenes, but Robert Lepage must be genius to be that narcissist who had written, directed the film plus performing both twin brothers "Phillipe" and "Andre", but he isn't !!
½ September 20, 2008
Weird movie, I did not quite get the point. But I love to listen to French, so....
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