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Possible spoiler will be bordered in STARS. Review: This movie is so childlike ridiculous. Although it was a decent watch, there were just so many annoyances. *****POSSIBLE SPOILER***** The major annoyance was all the high school bickering and jealousy between the adults. It was like, no he's my man! No he's mine!! The way these people used each other as spiteful trophies was pitiful. I mean, I felt like I was watching some teen show on TBS is was so bad. But, if you can get past that, there is some mystery and intrigue throughout the movie, but this definitely isn't a blockbuster. ****END OF SPOILER**** Just a little hint as to what you can expect to see... A separated married couple fight to try and save their son who is trapped down an old mine ventilating shaft in some woods filled with paranormal activity. The whole concept is likable, but as I said earlier, if you can get past the annoyances, you will enjoy this film. The ending has a twist that will make you scream OMG!!!

DJ Jackson
DJ Jackson

Not too bad, reasonably suspenseful, it moves along at a good pace, the acting is fine except the little boy (Toby) is unconvincing. Average, it belongs on the Lifetime channel.

James Higgins
James Higgins

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