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December 19, 2010
Totally decent fun. Most of it is situational comedy, so the characters don't really connect enough to make it anything memorable, but its unlikely you'll watch this and not enjoy yourself. Comedy Cary is the best, and its a pleasure to watch him shed an image that he rode for an entire career. How this screenplay ever won awards is totally beyond my capacity to understand, but as light fare perfectly suited for sick days or a happy afternoon this is easily recommendable.
½ December 11, 2010
Bad, but it has Cary Grant. Unfortunately, it also has Caron.
½ December 11, 2010
Gives me hearty chuckles like only an old movie can.

Walter: Frank!
Frank: Yes, Walter?
Walter: All those miles of open sea‚"a man would need something to keep warm, wouldn‚(TM)t he?
Frank: Two bottles.
Walter: All of them, Frank!
Frank: Three.
Walter: All of them, Frank!
Frank: Five.
Walter: All of them, Frank!
Frank: Got a pencil?

Walter: Slowly⦠s-s--
Catherine: Mr. Eckland, aren‚(TM)t we moving too slowly now?
Walter: Hmm?
Catherine: Shouldn‚(TM)t we...
Walter: Shouldn‚(TM)t we what?
Catherine: What?
Walter: You said ‚Shouldn‚(TM)t we.‚?
Catherine: Shouldn‚(TM)t we what?
Walter: Well, you‚(TM)ve got the hang of it, now.
Catherine: W-w-well, we didn‚(TM)t catch a fish!
Walter: I know, I know, that‚(TM)s right; We didn‚(TM)t. But you‚(TM)ve got the hang of it.
Catherine: You already said that.

Christine: You ninny!

Anne: It wasn‚(TM)t a snake; It was this.
Walter: But that‚(TM)s not a snake!
Anne: It looks like a snake.
Walter: That‚(TM)s not a snake.
Anne: Here, watch out for the thorns. [Walter grunts, having pricked himself.]
Walter: Thank you. It‚(TM)s not a snake.
Anne: It looks like a snake.
Walter: No, it doesn‚(TM)t‚¶ THIS LOOKS LIKE A SNAKE!

Walter: No I haven‚(TM)t. Yes, I have!
December 7, 2010
Watched this the other night. Grant's second to last movie before he retired. Very formulaic and predictable, but Grant can't miss. He was very funny and had great chemistry with Caron and the kids.
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December 4, 2010
This is one of those movies where the lone bachelor is all of a sudden having to take care of some kids, and it doesn't do much to shake things up by way of theme, either. Grant gives an okay performance, but the movie's just okay.
October 15, 2010
Very good movie, had to feel sorry for Cary Grant's character but awesome acting and great story.
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½ September 20, 2010
Average. Annoying for the first two thirds, then okay. The acting was decent enough, but the plot... well it was way to predictable or just awful.
September 1, 2010
Rec by doctordoom. Thanks Corey.
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½ September 1, 2010
This is a decent comedy starring Cary Grant. Basic plot is Cary Grant plays a drunken scoundrel during WWII. He ends up monitoring Japanese air activity for the Australian Navy on a remote island in the Pacific. He is sent to retrieve a fellow spotter from another island but ends up saving a school teacher and some of her female students who crashed on the island. This film mixes a nice blend of comedy, romance and even some suspense. Cary Grant is excellent as usual in his role. He wanted to stay clear of his usual role of a suave gentlemen and play this mean drunk loner. He does a perfect job at that and blends his perfect comedy style with the character. Grant only does one more movie after this since he couldn't get more roles like he had in this film. A shame since he was such a talented actor who could play almost any type of role. Overall this is a fun film. Grant makes this a film worth watching.
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½ July 14, 2010
This may have been the first movie I ever saw as a special premiere, and although I was very young, I can recall this to this day. We actually lined up to see this in the rain in New York at the Radio City Music Hall. The movie itself was not very successful, and the lack of chemistry between the leads is evident as I watch it today. However, the story is actually pretty interesting, with the backdrop of the war and the coast-watchers. Seeing it much later as an adult, I found it had left deep impressions on me as far as movies. But Cary Grant was always worth watching.
July 4, 2010
Really funny. Charming.
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½ June 30, 2010
What a cute movie! I felt really bad for Cary Grant for like the first half though, I would have beaten those kids for stealing my stuff, but it turned out well enough! It was really funny and the whole thing flowed really well. LOVED seeing Mr. Grant all un-sophisticated!
June 27, 2010
As you can see, they're young ladies

Walter Christopher Eckland is a resourceful fisherman who happens to reside on the same islands the British are using to observe Japan during World War II. Eckland has been volunteered to help the British spy on the Japanese by residing on an island and reporting how many Japanese planes and boats pass by. The British destroy his boat so he cannot leave the island to ensure Eckland completes his mission. His situation is further complicated when a group of school girls arrive on his island. Eckland and the teacher will have to continue to look inconspicuous as Eckland completes his island mission.

"I helped put the docking station together so I could certainly blow them apart."

Ralph Nelson, director of Blood Money, Soldier in the Rain, Fate is the Hunter, Once a Thief, The Wrath of God, A Hero Ain't Nothing But a Sandwich, and Embryo, delivers Father Goose. The storyline for this picture is entertaining and well delivered. The characters are well presented throughout this picture and truly carry this movie. The acting is marvelous and the cast includes Cary Grant, Leslie Caron, and Trevor Howard.

"Kiss my foot, Frank."

Father Goose is a film I came across while looking for worthwhile Cary Grant pictures airing on cable. This movie is currently playing on The Movie Channel (TMC) and is definitely worth your time. Cary Grant is outstanding in this picture and Caron delivers a remarkable supporting performance. Grant delivers his lines in both a humorous and dramatic fashion. I strongly recommend seeing this picture.

"Please take your hand off that."

Grade: A-
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June 6, 2010
Walter Eckland: Lady, you are making a powerful enemy.

All poor Cary Grant wanted to do was sit out World War II in peace, but the British Navy and the Japanese have other ideas. Blackmailed by his friend, Royal Navy Commander Trevor Howard into spotting Japanese plane and ship movements on some Pacific tropic isle, Grant's problems multiply when his cruiser is scuttled-by the very people who have enlisted him. To top it all off; he is forced to transport several young ladies from hell led by Leslie Caron who were left stranded and need to get back to the mainland. These lovely ladies promptly throw him out of his digs, bury his booze, and steal his blankets, tools, and food. A wonderful scene is when he gives the prim and proper French schoolteacher Caron some medicinal alcohol when he thinks she's been fatally bitten by a venomous snake. Cary Grant's combination of maturity, good looks, and comedic timing makes this a delightful comedy to watch.

It is a charming family movie (no rough language and nudity) with nice blend of romantic comedy and war adventure between Goody Two Shoes and the Filthy Beast!

Walter Eckland: Let me tell you I am not a father figure. I am not a brother figure or an uncle figure or a cousin figure. In fact, the only figure I intend being is a total stranger figure.
May 15, 2010
One of my favorite Cary Grant movies. A great tale and story in World War 2 very good movie
April 25, 2010
A decent, likeable wartime comedy, but didn't raise enough laughs to deserve anything better than 3 stars.
April 17, 2010
Cary Grant plays a washed-up, loner drunk who just wants to be left alone on his boat with a bottle of booze. However, there's a war on, and the British Navy conscripts him, making him a lookout man on a lonely island. Things go from bad to worse when he gets stuck with a Beautiful but stiff French woman and her schoolgirl wards. The usual witty wordplay from Grant, gorgeous scenery, and a solid story make this another classic. A must for Grant fans, and just a good, all around movie.
½ March 10, 2010
Funny! Cary Grant as a grungy, heavy drinking bachelor.
February 3, 2010
My absolute favorite movie!
January 24, 2010
All time classic movie. 1 of my favorites
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