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What if Germany had won WW II and successfully taken over Europe? Based on a novel by Robert Harris, this compelling drama is set in just such a world, 30 years after the Germans defeated the Allies at Normandy on D-Day. By this time, the country is known as Germania and since the war it has been at odds with the United States. In hopes of bringing peace, the two government leaders, Hitler and president Joseph Kennedy Sr. are planning a historic summit in hopes of obtaining detente. It's a tense situation and matters are made worse when an SS detective and an American reporter begin investigating a series of murders. Together, they discover a horrible and long-suppressed secret: Hitler and his regime were responsible for the deaths of over six million Jews during the war. Armed with this damning information, the two must hurry to the summit to stop President Kennedy from making a terrible mistake.
Drama , Mystery & Suspense , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Rutger Hauer
as Xavier March
Miranda Richardson
as Charlie Maguire
Jean Marsh
as Anna Von Hagen
John Woodbine
as Luther
John Shrapnel
as Globus
Pavel Andel
as Man in Dark Coat
Patronella Q. Barker
as Guide Helga
Sarah Berger
as Leni Halder
Jan Bidlas
as Bellboy
Stuart Bunce
as Blind Soldier
Charles De'Ath
as Fake Porter
Neil Dudgeon
as Sex Crimes Cop
David Hatton
as Short Man
Jan Kohout
as US President
David McAllister
as Party Official Anchor
Petr Meissel
as Young Policeman
David Ryall
as Administrator Kroger
Zdena Seifertova
as Jaeger's Wife
Michael J. Shannon
as US Ambassador
Milan Simacek
as SS Man at Press Compound
Marek Vasut
as SS Cadet Instructor
Jan Vlasák
as SS Man #1
Bob Mason
as Coroner Eisler
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A really challenging concept and a great Rutger Hauer performance. Surely that's enough.

July 25, 2002

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July 25, 2003
Film Freak Central

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January 29, 2003
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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July 26, 2002
Flipside Movie Emporium

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Full Review… | July 24, 2001
Internet Reviews

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Full Review… | December 31, 1999

Audience Reviews for Fatherland


I really liked the book this film was based on. It offered an interesting thriller set in a world where the Nazis won the war. The film reproduces that intrigue and mystery as the protagonists discover the horrifying truth of the Holocaust. That said, it's never really as engaging as the book was. Where does the film go wrong? In focusing on the thriller elements they downplay a lot of the worldbuilding present in the book. This is of course the main reason why people see a film like this: they wonder what the world would have been like run by Nazis. And obviously we get a little of it, but really with the exception of the hidden Holocaust (which of course we already know about) there's nothing here that couldn't be kept if the film was set in a generic eastern European nation instead, or even in Germany before the war. So we see none of the cultural shifts; the increasingly technocratic and arrogant young post-war SS officers, the difficulties of a fascist state with no obvious internal enemies to blame, the new peace-loving propaganda while the war in Russia rages on, etc. All gone. Which is a real shame because Rutger Hauer and Miranda Richardson are great in the lead roles. If only they hadn't chickened out on embracing the weirdness of the setting they could have had a real hit. As it is it's merely a mildly diverting thriller. Harmless, but not particularly exciting.

Stuart McCunn
Stuart McCunn

What if the Nazis won the war? Director Christopher Menaul answers that question with his made for TV movie Fatherland. The plot is terrific and it is well layered and keeps you interested due to the idea of its plot. The acting is great and it is a well crafted film that looks good for a TV movie. There are a few flaws here, and at times, the script does reveal its limitations, however there's plenty to enjoy due in part to its entertaining story, which rises above its flaws. The strength of a post war victorious Third Reich is really what makes up the film's flaws and the cast do a fine job with the material at hand. This film may be hard to take due to the fact that it presents the idea of victorious Nazis, but that's what makes it interesting. Enjoyable thriller that you watch if you can take into account that is purely a work of fiction. The film has a well paced story, good acting and enough thrills and drama to make this one worth seeing. Rutger Hauer is what keeps you involved and he gives a strong performance. However the low-budget does show a bit and by today's standards, it looks fairly Dated. Those are really my two complaints as well as the fact that some aspects could have been done better. Christopher Menaul delivers a very good film that relies on a great idea, and it works well enough to be an entertaining two hours of mindless entertainment. Fatherland is a well made, but dated TV movie; however that shouldn't negate your choice in seeing this.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

Fatherland is a good book, but this adaptation is not only completely lackluster, it butchers the story quite a bit. The fact that not a word of German is spoken is bothersome, and the adult dubbing over the little kid is downright creepy.

David Underwood
David Underwood

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