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February 25, 2019
Maybe you need to be either Italian, overweight, or both, to thoroughly enjoy this classic. Alternating between comedy and drama, the critical reviews don't do this film the justice it deserves. It's close to ranking right up there with "Moonstruck"!
½ January 18, 2019
Not funny - wouldn't have been back then either
November 26, 2018
I cannot believe this movie has not had better reviews over the years! As one who struggles with overeating I found it incredibly human; raw with sadness, hilarity, gluttony, self acceptance and rejection all at once! Of course I prefer this genre of humor, it may not be for everyone, but I found the film very enjoyable. Hats off to Bancroft, RIP.
October 28, 2018
This is a charming film. Shot back in a time when stories were still possible and films were more than a series of jump cuts like some skateboard video for YouTube. Dom Typically was a comic actor and seeing him as a more complex character was really great. The problems people have with obesity are relevant now as they were then and this film show it beautifully.
½ February 7, 2018
I'm a fan of Dom, but other than a couple good jokes, this was simply a poor effort.
½ August 20, 2017
Two basic dramatic approaches to fatness are to regard it as comic, or tragic. Anne Bancroft has somehow avoided both approaches in "Fatso," a movie with the unique distinction of creating in its audiences an almost constant suspense about how they're supposed to be reacting.
½ April 10, 2015
Most of the laughs are at not with Dominick even if it is one of Deluise's best work.
½ May 22, 2013
anne bancroft directs this dark comedy
May 30, 2012
A great movie about one fat man learning to love himself
April 13, 2012
This is one very funny movie.
Anne Bancroft and Dom DeLuise were great together.
But eat a full meal before watching to avoid raiding the refrigerator.
½ December 10, 2011
I highly recommend the 1st half of this film, it has some incredibly funny scenes. However, like a second trip to the all you eat buffet table, I suggest you forego the second half which will leave you feeling bloated and sleepy.
November 6, 2011
There are some movies that are vital to the Italian American movie-goer, and this is one of them. It's both hilarious and sad. A weird combination that works perfectly, with the crazy Antoinette cursing up a storm during the most innapropriate times and the funny passive relationship between Dom and Lydia. "You're Polish? I'm Italian. - My mother was Italian. - So was mine." And that scene in the dietician's office with the list of "do and do-nots" might be one of my favorite scenes in cinema. More than anything, I love the message Fatso delivers; that physical appearance is only second to personal happiness.
March 30, 2011
Dom Delouise made a great character of what a fat pathetic man should be he was my hero especially when he threatens his brother with a fake gun then a knife the although it was an okay movie it would have been a great movie if more binging was in it. My favorite quote from the movie was "Thats nothing have you ever sucked the jelly out of a jelly donut and filled it with chocolate swirl". In the end this movie needed more binge eating and more fat people binge eating with The Dom.
½ March 12, 2011
I was surprised to see this on tv the other day
I hadn't seen it in years
I remembered right
they do talk about sucking the jelly out of a jelly doughnut
and filling it with a Reese's peanut butter cup
½ March 9, 2011
Sad & dated. Luv Dom always tho.
January 18, 2011
tht's so funny..I love it..
October 21, 2010
Funny movie. Worth watching
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