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½ May 17, 2012
Excellent Spanish dark thriller where Lynch meets the Devil's Advocate with a couple of good laughs.
July 30, 2011
This movie was a trip. It was really bizarre, but well done in my mind. I like how you really didn't know what to expect next. The ending of the movie actually took me by complete surprise
September 19, 2009
Fausto 5.0 is an avant-garde Spanish film that is definitely successful at creating a surreal and disturbing experience. The story is only very loosely based on the Faust legend. The strange decaying and plastic-wrapped world is inhabited by characters that range from the eccentric to the unpleasant. I don't know that it's really something to "enjoy", but it is often fascinating.
September 3, 2009
L'ambiance singuliere et inquietante de ce film fantastique espagnol est plutot captivante au depart. Un soupcon de Lynch, une pincee de Cronenberg et un zeste de Kafka dans un futur proche, glacial et delabre, qui rappelle un peu les BD de Bilal, la mythologie egyptienne en moins. On sent toutefois le budget restreint, un petit cote "cheap" de serie B, mais le travail de realisation est propre et soigne. On se laisse donc entrainer dans ce cauchemar eveille vecu par un eminent toubib, specialiste des therapies de fin de vie. Sous l'emprise d'un avenant Mephistopheles gomine qui pretend etre l'un de ses anciens patients, il bascule dans la debauche, laissant ses fantasmes les plus honteux rejaillir a la surface (meurtre, necrophilie...).Puis on en reste la, avec une conclusion tres vite expediee, pour ne pas dire baclee, entre "Sixieme Sens" et "Fight Club". Au final, ce film ne debouche sur rien ou presque... si ce n'est ce sentiment desagreable de s'etre un peu fait escroquer.
August 26, 2009
Que peli más rallante... y el caso es que me ha gustado...
May 12, 2009
I wont cconsider it as a bad film but not good either.
Faust story is more or less very popular but here we deal with something different. It says its a horror movie but i doubt. Its a psychological thriller with annoying actors. What i really liked is that it shows the true face and arrogance of some doctors....

PLUS: World appealing story

MINUS: Actors choice, FX

BEST SCENE: A girl with amazing hair style just enters in the doctors room and start... blowjobing him, passing him, her chewing gum!!!
February 4, 2009
I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I'am never usually one to sit down and watch an Art House film. But I found this film very enjoyable. The mixture of dreamlike imagery and gritty realism is satisfyingly understated. I cant really put in to words how this film plays out? All I can recommend is that if you're a fan of David Lynch you appreciate this film.
November 21, 2008
Spécial mais à voir !
Super Reviewer
August 7, 2008
A step above the typical horror movie; this is more accurately described as a surrealistic/existential thriller. The most remarkable thing about this movie is that it is engaging, it whips by and leaves the viewer wanting more. The pace is incredible, the rendering of Mephistopheles is unforgettable, odd, and distinctly without religious trappings. Actually, that is another quite remarkable thing about this film that it avoids religion altogether and instead approaches the Faust story as one man's degrading and distorting vision of life. Not as gory as it is said to be, but extremely atmospheric and included gore is pleasing and effective. This film assumes the audience's prior knowledge of the Faust legend, as some plot events may seem arbitrary, illogical, or unjustified (particularly the end may not make sense) when it is in fact representative of the details in Goethe's and Marlowe's Faustus and Faust respectively. You don't have to be familiar with those texts though, a quick synopsis review on wikipedia will do to give you enough plot knowledge for this. Not at all a disappointing version of Faust, but indeed a very modern and effective rendering.
May 22, 2008
Bizarre and entertaining.
½ March 31, 2008
Quando vi que era espanhol fiquei naquela "hmm?"...
Ultrapassou, bastante, as minhas expectativas, é muito bom!
Inequivocamente, ao inicio parece ser um filme lento, cheio de pormenores complicados a ter em atenção e tal - nada disso! Vai-se desenvolvendo a um ritmo muito bom de acompanhar e de fácil compreensão até (pelo menos para quem o consegue associar a Fausto de Goethe). Chega a ser hilariante a certa altura.
O fim... é tipo um estalar de dedos em jeito de chamada de atenção para um detalhe mostrado nos 5 primeiros minutos do inicio.
Este filme É Inteligente, Apelativo e de uma Simplicidade Genial.
Já agora, grande Fausto... ah o que eu desejo para que hajam pessoas assim...
oops! Be careful with what you desire =/
½ September 19, 2007
Excellent film. It really is. Based on the old Goethe's Faust myth but with a contemporary approach on it. This can be a very dangerous thing to try, but it turned out, in my opinion, very good. All is done in a very twisted, dark and decaying way. Spanish movies are actually becoming very nice surprises (Hipnos, Tesis...howcome I still haven't reviewed this last one??), and it's quite refreshing to watch this as I felt cleaned from all the americanized bad visual habits. Good incarnations and good justifiable dialogs. Most awarded European movie and best Fantasporto 2002 movie. Not that I really care about awards, I don't. But It's good to see works like this one being rewarded. Only one major fault I can point - the abrupt ending. Not because it is bad, but because I just wanted to see more. Much more. Has your life been worth living...?
August 5, 2007
THIS MOVIE IS PURE OWNAGE! But with most wacky cult foreign films, it's very obscure and nobody knows it exists.

A dark and twisted work of art that honors Goethe's timeless masterpiece.
Super Reviewer
April 28, 2007
Set in Madrid in the near future, this 'retelling' of the Faustus mythos owes less to Goethe's battle between good and evil or Marlowe's ultimate price for the ultimate pride than it does to Albert Camus and Frederick Nietzsche. This film is very morally ambiguous, not so much about right and wrong as it is about a man ultimately coming to grips with his own desires.

The setting is harrowingly bleak, masterfully rendered, urban decay oozes out of the screen. It is hardly decoration, however, and is used literally as a character, reflecting the good doctor's descent into a 'hell' of his own devising.

The performances are strong, but the film ultimately feels incomplete. A strong knowledge of the Faust legend helps, but even so it leaves so much to interpretation that it feels like it is missing a few transition sequences. Still, there is a lot to be said for an absolute lack of (thank god) exposition.

Worth seeing, but very intellectually demanding.
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