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½ June 13, 2006
i was excited to see this film at first and if you are too don't bother. it's just boring. the plot's wafer thin and the actings is like all the worst moments of Christian Bale (Dull) strung together into crap.
½ April 30, 2006
An in Tense gripping thriller
½ July 7, 2005
[b]DVD[/b] First Viewing, 1 Refn films seen
May 11, 2005
This film is a feeble attempt at being a thriller. John Turtorro, in typical silent/meditative/angst ridden state, is searching for the reason his wife was murdered. Alas, try as I might, I haven't a friggin clue why she was shot. This glob of senseless celluloid will piss you off as you realize you have wasted an hour and a half of time that you'll never get back. PATHETIC!
½ March 15, 2005
After a. second viewing of [i]Fear X[/i], I have an understanding of what I think went on in the movie, and that helped me appreciate it more. I need movies to make some sense, with some guiding pebbles to stitch other things together, as much as can be. So, here's my interpretation:

Harry Caine did travel to Montana previously, but alone. He went to the hotel, in Room 305, and had a tryst with one of the hookers available, hence the "we have all kinds of entertainment here" line in his second "visit". Out of hatred for himself, he murders his wife. Whether he was convicted for his crimes or not, we don't absolutely no, but the prevalence of law enforcement figures leans toward that he was convicted and is in prison, living in his mind. A little too similar to [i]Lost Highway[/i].

Some of the sybmolism is overused to the point of being [i]clichй.[/i] The zooms into his mind, the video tape becoming static, it's too obvious. Whenever there's an element of red, it's something that Harry's made up. He's not a security guard in the mall. He hasn't received videotapes that show his wife's murder. He imagines his wife going into the house across the street; the photos he find lead him into a further elaboration in his mind. His wife wasn't really pregnant; he imagined it so that he could feel more sympathy for his loss.

The second trip to Montana is entirely made up as well. The images that start blurred and come into focus are Harry imagining the various settings. He stays in Room 305, but this memory causes him too much discomfort; when the officer asks for his room (him asking himself), he is frantically thinking of another number. He chooses 503, the first alternate number that comes to his mind. Obviously, it's the inverse of 305. Also, when the hooker shows up at his hotel room, he imagines that he has the willpower to resist, when before he had none.

Pete, his wife, and child are idealized dopplegangers of he and his wife. While he loved in a small house with no children, Pete lives in a large house, has a child, has received awards of merit, has achieved a level of fulfillment that Harry wants. While the dialogue between husband and wife is particularly dodgy, it's because he's making it up as he goes. Perhaps this alludes that Harry and his wife had communication problems.

The scenes between Pete and the higher-ups is the same; he has no idea what he's talking about, so he has them spout some generally-known [i]clichйs[/i]. While it's understandable, it didn't make it any less laborious to sit through. I could've done without the caricaturish facial expressions of the black guy.

As Harry confronts Pete, he confronts himself. We have more visions of the veil, with what appear to be a female figure behind it. Faint cries of "Harry" backwards can be heard. When he realizes what he's done, Pete shoots Harry as a means of escape. Harry takes time to imagine himself bleeding. His mind than has what's best described as a vitriolic reaction to realizing the truth.

In the hospital, he confronts himself once more with the truth. Again, the caricaturish facial expiressions of one of the officers. He accepts that he murdered his wife, and breaks down in tears. The last scene with Harry driving away, there is no red in the shot. He has made some kind of peace in his mind, and is no longer making excuses for what he has done.

While figuring out the puzzle was interesting, the use of all too common horror imagery, the use of ambient music only, and the fairly pedestrian dialogue make the movie lack the emotional wallop that similar David Lynch material has. Still, it was an interesting watch, and a drastic change of mind on my part. I'd recommend it.
½ March 14, 2005
This movie was completely boring from beginning to end. The story was dull, the acting duller. This was a rare moment for me because I almost fell asleep watching it. That has only happened to me once.
½ March 11, 2005
I can barely remember this film, so I'm gonna have a hard time reviewing it. As far as I remember it was only an okay film. It could have been better, but at least it wasn't stupid and pointless.

[b]Grade[/b]: C
March 9, 2005
[color=pink]This movie had potential to be really good only if it weren't so damn confusing! i have no idea really what the point is. and why was his car on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere at the end? if anyone can explain this movie please message me because i'm LOST![/color]
July 18, 2004
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