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January 1, 2016
Any good will the first movie earned is lost entirely on this second rate, too 'smart' for its own good sequel. That's bound to leave more than just a bad taste in your mouth.
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January 2, 2015
The first feast movie was not to shabby altho quite much B movie feeling but thats a standard with these flicks. This sequel are barely watchable with terrible story and bad acting etc... Gore and blood scenes is what u get. I would recommend to stay away tho..
½ December 27, 2014
If the amount of blood and gore could illustrate how awful this sad attempt of a film is...
September 29, 2014
As if the first 'Feast' wasn't cringe worthy enough, here comes a follow up to make you cry - I'm just not sure whether it's tears of sadness or tears of laughter. We join the action where the last one left us, with the last remaining survivors of the bar attack fleeing for their lives as they attempt to escape this rare breed of carnivorous creatures. Unfortunately for them, despite the fact they are picked up by local towns folk, the beasts soon coming knocking down their doors and taking over the streets in a new wave of attack. We see more of the predators this time as opposed to seeing them in fits and starts from the inside of the bar in the first movie, but that's no great benefit as part of the suspense was the not knowing of exactly who or what was laying in waiting. Instead we are 'treated' to an extreme display of bloody graphics ranging from torn out intestines, to exhausts impaled in skulls and acid dissolving faces to the bone. There's less story and more torture, including the random exposure of one monster fornicating with a cat and the sacrifice of a new born baby in horrific fashion. The latter seemed particularly unnecessary as that's just a total faux pas in horror concepts. To be fair you know you're not getting a classic when introduced to the characters in this movie, such as a lesbian looking biker clan, a couple of midget wrestlers, and the hillbilly grandpa, but at least this never tries to be anything other than a cringe worthy spectacle and never takes itself too seriously - that's obvious from the moment the dead animal farts when being disected. The comedy value made me appreciate this that little bit more but in truth it's pretty terrible with one of the most abrupt endings I have ever seen. I'm sure this is all explained in the third instalment but it finishes like the directors were told to wrap proceedings up in a matter of seconds, which basically spoils any minute opportunity for the writer to redeem himself. Not to be repeated, but gives a giggle or two!
½ May 26, 2014
A guilty pleasure you watch for shits and giggles!
April 24, 2014
jesus this felt like a hundred hours long, such garbage why do i do this to myself
½ April 10, 2014
It's own stupidness couldn't entertain what some plot it still had. A complete parody of itself.
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March 26, 2014
Same as before with a group of folks now trapped in a small town as they get eaten one by one yet still manage to find time to kill each other and other innocent survivors they find along the way.

Following on from the first film with a couple surviving cast members and simply adding lots more blood and gore all over the show, yet losing any kind of quality in the process. This film is a pure B-movie...if that. The effects are very dodgy looking with terrible bluescreen shots, the creatures look even more rubbery than before as they run around in a dodgy manner and the cast are lacking at best. Some of the main characters don't even have a single word to say during the entire film!.

The title says it all really, lots of sloppy gooey gory seconds with added goo and gore on top. A purely outrageous monster mash with body parts galore, for the true monster horror comedy lovers and connoisseurs.
January 3, 2014
it got corny real fast
½ September 27, 2013
Il primo Feast era un gioiello trash.. il secondo é una schifezza. Vediamo come si conclude la trilogia...
½ August 11, 2013
I haven't seen the other entries of this horror franchise, but I expected gory monster mayhem and I got what I wanted from this widely-hated sequel. The storytelling is sloppy and the acting is corny, but the film has plenty of funny jokes, gory moments, cool monsters, some surprisingly shocking moments of violence, shameless nudity, and a plethora of stupid moments to keep it fun and lively. After seeing Feast II, I know that I must now see the other entries because it has definitely peaked my interest.
June 30, 2013
I've never seen the previous "Feast" film but if its anything similar to this one, then i can safely say i would'nt even waste my time bothering with it. Im honestly not sure as to weather this is supposed to be a awful comedy or a very dissapointing horror, either way it was'nt very good at all!! Literally so un imaginative and boring with both poor attempts at humour and to attempt to scare/thrill.
½ May 28, 2013
there are a suprisingly large amount of hate comments about this movie but i honestly cant see why anyone who liked the first one wouldnt like this. it followed the formula to a T. for real if you liked the firsdt you will like this one. nice and raunchy monster movie that pushes limits in some was.
April 28, 2013
La peor de las tres, lenta y sin sentido, si se ven a las tres películas como una sola esta siendo la mitad de relleno podría hasta pasar por alto lo mala que es, lo único bueno de esta, los enanitos luchadores.
March 28, 2013
I had very high hopes for this obe.. but they let me down... 3 for tryin.
½ March 15, 2013
What the hell was this? Awful.
February 25, 2013
Besser geht Horror Komödie vermutlich nicht.
February 25, 2013
Horrible sequel but thats why their are made so we can precious the orginals!
February 14, 2013
These movies are a gore fest! Thats all they are.
January 30, 2013
All the feast movie are good.
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