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½ April 20, 2015
Same as the prequel, it does make some inspiring points. But, once again, it's long-winding, over0detailed narrative per scene is such a turning-off.
Super Reviewer
November 26, 2012
A very entertaining film with plenty of heart tugging moments. I would have given this one a clear four star rating but I'm afraid that the relationship between the two mains fell a little short on the believability metre. I simply could not picture them in an ideal relationship.
May 20, 2012
like a chinese woody allen looking at love &relationships with some sly humour
½ November 13, 2011
not everything has an explaination...love also...
July 19, 2011
This film is 100% matched the old saying "As long as sequel must be the lousy movies! "
July 17, 2011
(TM)次覺業...素, -...素 1/4! (TM)次>'''> (C) (C), 1/2~模"已"?夫?妻, ... (R)淡"活, ?稢 (C)"... (R) 3/4" 3/4, ?? 3/4 1/4, (R)! 1/2 (C)-,~ 3/4人"念?常人! '-歡裡?'?: "死~? (R)~, ?"活~ (R) (R)~ 1/4" " (C)姻 1/4? 1/2~, ... (C)姻就~就"
,女 (C)" (C) (C)' 3/4 (C)?常??!
½ April 19, 2011
Love it, even I don't watch Chinese movie.
This is a very good one, indeed!
April 5, 2011
Really enjoyed the first one. Shu Qi & Ge You had such good chemistry in the movie. The ideas explored by the movie were "deep" - love, marriage, friendship...
April 2, 2011
slow and a bit silly. The first one was much better. Scenery looks amazing (Hainan).
½ March 28, 2011
Shoulda discovered this sooner, the kinda romcom I can get behind. Feng Xiaogang is probably the Spielberg of China by now.
½ March 15, 2011
The star of this movie is Sun Hung Lei.
March 11, 2011
Some think the 1st is better... but somehow i like this one more. a bit more realistic. Perhaps it has to to with personality, just as I'd like Before Sunset more than Before Sunrise... in contrary with many. ^^;
March 4, 2011
I love this movie more compared to the first one. The trial marriage really works out. Very funny yet reveal the reality in marriage in its own way. Shu Qi acted really well in this movie in my opinion. The divorce ceremony is certainly one of my favourite scenes in this movie. I can't think of any bad things from this movie, I love every bit of it. Simply awesome. And once again, every dialogue is well designed. " (C)姻樣?" 1/2~誤 1/4... (C)姻~就"
February 27, 2011
Entertaining, but way too long for its own good.
½ February 19, 2011
Definitely not a comedy. It's about the middle-age crisis in a distorted society...
½ February 13, 2011
Serious. Less funny.
February 12, 2011
3/4? 3/4,活?~? (R),(TM) 1/2~? (R),~~第 1/2
½ February 7, 2011
this ranks high on my cackle-o-meter; darn funny from the get-go. this beauty and the beast pair's so mismatched yet shu qi and ge you have got this really comfortable on-screen chemistry going. was pleasantly surprised by If You Are The One, thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. and it ain't just a comedy, there may be some tears shed in the process as well.
anyway, moral of the story? if you're ugly, you better be so goddamn witty! ge you, shu qi, you rock!!
½ February 4, 2011
I cried so much towards the ending, its as funny as the first one but more meaningful. whats love? whats marriage? can you still love each other after married for a long time? if not, then what still bond you toge???
½ February 1, 2011
?誠<" 3/42 Wonderfully Scripted~ This time more on Life than Love.
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