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April 25, 2018
One of my all-time favorite romantic comedies is Fever Pitch, the 2005 baseball love story from Bobby and Peter Farrelly. As an avid Boston Red Sox fan, it is impossible to not love this movie, and I want this movie to receive the attention it deserves beyond just Red Sox faithfuls. This movie follows Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore as Ben Wrightman and Lindsey Meeks, who cross paths through their jobs and their relationship ensues while following the Red Sox season from Opening Day. Ben is a diehard Red Sox fan, and the story is well crafted through his love of the Red Sox, and the Red Sox season becomes a sort of metaphor for their relationship. The Red Sox also become an obstacle for Lindsey to overcome in order to have Ben's commitment, and his passion for the Red Sox is what gives them problems in their relationship. The ups and downs of the Red Sox season follow the ups and downs of their relationship, and Ben learns there will be tradeoffs in this relationship (like missing a Yankees game for a party of Lindsey's friend). The Red Sox are also used to show how much Ben and Lindsey care for each other. Ben loves Lindsey enough to sell his season tickets to prove that he is committed to her. Lindsey loves Ben enough to stop him from doing so, and in the best and most comedic scene, [spoiler alert] Lindsey buys a ticket from a scalper, gets into Fenway Park during the end of a playoff game versus the Yankees and is on the other side of the park from Ben so she jumps over the outfield wall (a feat only a Red Sox fan could understand) and runs across the field in the 8th inning while evading security to stop Ben from selling his tickets. This is a moment that you don't need to be a Red Sox fan to appreciate. They have both shown how far they are willing to go for the other, and one will give up everything they love and the other is willing to go through immense odds to prevent the one from giving up everything they love. It is almost like a "gift of the Magi" story in which he is willing to give up his most prized possession for the woman he loves. Except in this twist of the traditional Magi story, Lindsey learns to accept Ben's love for the Red Sox when she realizes how far he is willing to go for her, and she overcomes the obstacle of the Red Sox being in the way of their love. This movie is culturally relevant to more than just Red Sox fans and other sports fans-- it is about the lengths people are willing to go for love. However, you may appreciate and love the movie just a little bit more if you love the Red Sox as much as I do.
½ January 20, 2018
A great movie. One of my favorite romantic comedies. A movie for guys and gals. A love interest intertwined with a guys obsession with the Red Sox. A story well told in a fun way. One I can watch over n over again.
½ December 26, 2017
Just as the Yankees couldn't hold this time the Boston Red Sox, Drew and Jimmy couldn't look like a couple on screen. Needless to say anything else.
½ November 24, 2017
I have a soft spot for movies revolving around baseball. It's a good story with an ending we all saw coming but just don't care.
April 30, 2017
Well, it was alright. Why bother with the pointless Americanisation though, is what gets me, when the Colin Firth version is so much better. It's not like Americans are some how incapable of understanding a film about football rather than baseball. Drew Barrymore saves it from being crap, cos she's lovely.
April 13, 2017
When we see America's past time through the eyes of those whom could see before we were born, to see this sport is in our family. When what we see is passed down to us a moment where we could see much more then a game but all of life. When we see the world in a way baseball is played we take all the best aspects about it and see through the eyes of all passionate fans that want to see their home town team win. When we see we are as passionate about our team then anything else we wee, we see a really nice guy whom could one day see us this way. When we see just about everything to know from the past, present and future of a team to see we have just began seeing a team. When we see we have other life's, which we like to come back to see somethings that connects us to what we like seeing, we enjoy how much this game does for us on and off the field. When we see that we have large hurdles, big green monsters to overcome, we see can get through things when we make an effort to make somethings work. When we see somethings are conflicting with one another when life makes us see we can keep seeing life this way, we change. When what makes us see the game is love for everything about ever since we were introduced to it as a kid. When we never let go if the kid even when we grow up, when it reminds us of happier times we wished to see all the time. When we see money, friends, work is no object for going to every game to see our team. When we see we been through a lot to see it all come to end when we see this is going nowhere when we see that what rekindles our passion once again is seeing someone else just like us feel the same way too to give us that boost when the odds are against us to lift us up and see we are in the company of greats when we win the 2 love of our life's the world series & our wife. When we see we can have it both, to break the mysterious curse in why we can't find that special someone we have been dieing to see all these years. When we see all the great moments to share it with good company, our love, and those we keep inside of us as see ourselves grow our family larger.
April 8, 2017
Ben Wrightman, a 7-year-old boy, is going to a Red Sox game with his Uncle Carl. His uncle, who had no children of his own, treated Ben like a son. A narration explains that on that day, Ben became a die-hard Red Sox fan. Just about everything he owns bears the Red Sox name, emblem, or image of a Red Sox player (with the exception of his toilet paper, which bears the New York Yankees insignia). Ben inherited his uncle's season tickets when Carl died. The story picks up 23 years later with Ben (Jimmy Fallon) as a school teacher who is immature for his age. He meets Lindsey Meeks (Drew Barrymore), a professionally successful workaholic executive. When Ben first asks her out, Lindsey rejects him, but she later changes her mind and agrees to go out with him. On their first date, Ben finds Lindsey very sick and vomiting. She has food poisoning from a new restaurant where she had dined earlier that day. Ben decides to spend the night and take care of her, as well as clean up her bathroom (whimsically telling her it was the "Vomit Elves" that did the work). The next morning, Lindsey, feeling better, finds Ben sleeping on her couch. Ben awakens, and he and Lindsey end up developing a romantic relationship. Overcoming her initial hesitance, Lindsey becomes attracted to Ben because of his ability to show passionate commitment to something. That spring, he later pretends he is proposing to her but instead asks her to the Red Sox Opening Day, where Stephen King (a longtime Sox fan) throws the first pitch. Lindsey attends, but not being a baseball or Red Sox fan, she knows nothing about the Curse of the Bambino or even how to pronounce the name Yastrzemski. The two continue attending the games together until one summer night when Lindsey attempts to catch up on work by taking her laptop to the game. Not paying attention to the game, she is knocked out by a line drive foul ball by then Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada off Mike Myers (which ends up making the late night sports highlight reel). She eventually recovers but stops going to the games. Things take a turn for the worse when Lindsey invites Ben to accompany her to Paris, and he declines the offer because the Red Sox are in the heat of the playoff race. Will Benīs obessions with the Boston Red Sox finally destroy his relationship with Lindsey?...

"Fever Pitch" is loosely based on author Nick Hornby's autobiographical essay "Fever Pitch" tackling his fanatical obsession with Arsenal while growing up. The movieversion came out in 1997 starring Colin Firth. "Fever Pitch" is a dimwitted remake to be honest were the focus has been switched to the US and baseball instead of England and soccer. I really like Jimmy Fallon in his role today as the host of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" but he has never been a strong actor and this is yet another example of that, as he is not really convincing as the obsessed Ben. Drew Barrymore is adorable, but just like Fallon she has never been a great actress. She always ends up typecasted in the same sort of roles and you never believe her characters either. And with the Farrelly brothers, kings toilet humour, behind the direction the film hardly becomes something worth watching. For being European I do like baseball, but the game never becomes intresting in "Fever Pitch" either, and yet that is the main pillar in the film. This just has to be seen as a "ball".
February 16, 2017
Cute and charming love story to watch and especially if you're a Red Sox fan
½ November 30, 2016
A good romcom that guys can watch. Charming and entertaining. Fallon plays a good character.
½ November 16, 2016
Not the typical Farrelly Brothers comedy, but a unique sports romance film. Enjoyable for baseball fans even if the Red Sox aren't your team. It's sweet! (First viewing - Late teen years)
September 16, 2016
Fever Pitch(2005)
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Lenny Clarke, Jessamy Finet, Miranda Black, Brett Murphy, and Johnny Seed
Directed By: Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly
A Comedy About The Game of Love.
I saw like the first thirty minutes of this movie early last year and since then I have been wanting to finish it and today I gladly did. This is a comedy that makes me think of myself again. We all have one thing were very passionate about. IN this film theirs Ben who has been a passionate Red Socks fan since he was eleven, he goes to practice games, does drafts of who's going to what game with him, and never misses a game. But he has to try and balance his commitment to the game and Lindsy.
This film is based of a novel actually and that surprised me, I feel like reading the book now, when I look at Jimmy Fallons character in this movie I see me, because he's a romantic and he's like an expert on his passion among him and his friends, his being the Red Socks, mine being movies/films. It's humor is played out through funny situations with Ben and Lindsey, when it comes to Lindseys job and Bens love for the Red socks. I don't know how close it was to its source material but it was a joy to watch. I give Fever Pitch a four out of five.
½ August 22, 2016
One of a few guilty Farrely Bros pleasures for me. It helps being able to relate juggling a relationship with being a sports nut. I thought Barrymore & Fallon had great chemistry & were both very funny & charming. This is definitely the Farrely Bros tamest comedy to date, but also the most heart felt.
½ August 3, 2016
Omfg soooooo badddddddd!!!!!! Pathetic acting,writing, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE IS AWFUL!!!!!
May 21, 2016
It was enjoyable enough for a one time see, but Fallon should stick to his show. Barrymore was very enjoyable! Cool to see the Red Sox story but nothing I need to see again
½ May 20, 2016
not too bad. also good for some nostalgia if you're a Sox fan.
½ May 2, 2016
Worst movie ever 0/10 would not recommend teacher put this on instead of Dark Knight and I'm still pissed even though I'm a Red Sox fan. Overall an unfunny waste of time and Hollywood. Jimmy Fallon is a scrub
½ April 4, 2016
I may be biased since Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite celebrities, and I find this to be one of only two good movies with him in it, the other being the great "Almost Famous," but I found this to be a light hearted, fun romantic comedy/sports movie about addiction and tradition that needs to be broken every once in a while. Fallon and Barrymore both have great chemistry, and there is a perfect balance of light hearted fun and serious emotion that comes with every relationship. It's no "500 Days of Summer," but "Fever Pitch" is a great time waiting to be had. 8.7/10
½ March 16, 2016
I am biased. I love baseball and this is an interesting baseball movie. And I love watching Drew Barrymore, and this movie's got her in it.

Sometimes love needs a miracle, like the one when the Red Sox broke the curse of the Bambino.
October 14, 2015
The film that shows how being a true baseball fan is a full time job while also being an enjoyable romantic comedy.
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