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October 6, 2016
Subtle? No, but it's clever and funny in a thoroughly reimagined alternate universe, where the paternal smiles of authority figures hide an unchecked police state keeping the gated communities white, middle class, and compliant.
August 28, 2015
Pretty funny, surprisingly smart, pleasant to look at, and often quite sick.
September 24, 2010
Andrew Currie's script incisively observes how taboo preferences have become policies in the reality "Fido" creates. Macabre and satirical with the brash brio of all great zombie movies, "Fido" understands that the true ghouls' hearts are still beating.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4
August 26, 2009
Surprisingly gentle in most of its humor and its gore quotient, making you wonder who exactly it was aimed at.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
October 18, 2008
Full Review | Original Score: A
July 11, 2008
Fido finds a new wrinkle in the nearly exhausted zombie genre.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/4
July 11, 2008
This set-up sounds like an amusing premise for a mild little low-budget spoof, but Fido is much more than that: it's a full-blown social satire with zombies at its center.
April 26, 2008
The filmmakers get darkly amusing mileage out of the notion of tamed zombies in suburbian servitude
April 9, 2008
| Original Score: 3.5/5
November 8, 2007
Cute and witty, if a bit too dependent on its delightfully goofy storyline gimmick.
Read More | Original Score: 76/100
October 24, 2007
Fido is a fetching comedy with tongue-in-cheek social commentary and a quick wit.
September 27, 2007
One senses that zombie film kingpin George A. Romero, who satirized consumerism in "Dawn of the Dead," would smile like a proud papa if he saw it.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
August 16, 2007
If this movie's concept appeals to you at all, I urge you to reward the filmmakers by seeing in the theatre if at all possible. It's so small but so special. For you zombie fans, it's a great dessert after all the carnage, but it still delivers what we
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
July 14, 2007
Fido's humor comes from the clash of genres: bright cheery Americana butting up against the death and destruction of zombie horror.
July 7, 2007
Funny films have been in short supply lately. Don't miss this one.
July 6, 2007
The movie's breezy, blood-flecked entertainment, with no aim other than to give you a giggle and a shriek.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
July 6, 2007
It's beautifully filmed (in the saturated primary colors of 1950s-style Technicolor), and it features a performance by the veteran Scottish actor Billy Connolly that's a small marvel of comic resourcefulness.
July 5, 2007
[Director Currie] never lets the commentary overwhelm the humor, and the echoes of Douglas Sirk melodramas and Lassie movies just add to the fun.
Full Review | Original Score: B
July 5, 2007
This spoof of 1950s attitudes is also a witty commentary on 21st-century issues such as homeland security and illegal immigration.
Full Review | Original Score: B-
June 26, 2007
...picks up where Shaun of the Dead left off.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
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