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½ April 15, 2015
A good way to make fun of the explosion of zombie films we've recently seen with a humorous twist in a 1950s suburban universe. Gotta love exploitation!
February 27, 2015
Awesome zombie movie. Carrie Ann Moss was gorgeous in it.
January 31, 2015
i cant wait to see this one.
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2015
Anoter zombie movie but its not like other ones. It have similiar feeling as Stepford Wifes kinda i thought , a bit comedy mixed with some horror scenes but not any scary at all. Okey flick but i prefer Shaun of the dead instead or true zombie movies.
November 26, 2014
Completely charming. I can see the satirical aspect being problematic if one tries to draw too many specific parallels, but I have a feeling it wasn't meant to be taken that seriously.
½ October 22, 2014
Great movie. It's funny, smart, a great satire on both zombie films and the society of the fifties. By incorporating zombies into the film, it almost acts as symbolism of the inequality during the time period, as well as the male characters' response to the female characters' independence and strong-mindedness. The script is clever and the performances are great, especially Connelly as the title character.
September 27, 2014
I prefer straight up zombie movies, but this could be cool.
½ September 22, 2014
An awesome and hilarious movie! The movie has its own charm. The movie takes all the legendary zombie movies and combines them into one brilliant comedy. Because of the visualizing and dark humor it feels like a movie from the 70' and 80'.

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Shaun of the Dead, The Return of the Living Dead, Dead Snow
September 5, 2014
really clever and funny.
½ August 8, 2014
Making the most of its thin premise, Fido is an occasionally touching satire that provides big laughs and enough blood and guts to please gorehounds. Surprisingly gentle in most of its humor and its gore quotient, making you wonder who exactly it was aimed at. With its use of aggressively cheerful hues that are equal parts Technicolor and Tim Burton Candyland, Fido is a "boy and his dog" movie thrown into a horror movie blender. It's beautifully filmed (in the saturated primary colors of 1950s-style Technicolor), and it features a performance by the veteran Scottish actor Billy Connolly that's a small marvel of comic resourcefulness. It's a colourful and clever recreation of genre that comes at just the right moment, as society looks deep into the rancid maw of death and rediscovers the value of life. For a one-joke movie, Fido does a fine job exploring every possible permutation of that joke. Fido is a wildly entertaining comedy. It has as much humor as horror, and a wonderfully wonky way of making its many cogent social critiques.

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July 28, 2014
A hidden gem. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the acting and story. I enjoyed it. This movie is not scary.
½ July 27, 2014
A zombie movie that is so light-hearted there are absolutely no scares, and I was okay with it. The R rating is for a bit of gore - it is zombies, after all. Billy Connolly is terrific as Fido. He emotes well considering he has no lines. Carrie-Anne Moss looks good even in 1950's clothing. A charming horror/comedy.
July 14, 2014
i expected more, its solid, couple of laughs
June 18, 2014
Interesting idea, but the script mostly just riffs on the contrast of casual violence in the idealised image of '50s suburbia. It's amusing at times, and Baker is fun, but it's very slight, and by the end I was kinda wondering what I'd been doing for the previous 90 minutes. The character arcs are...well, you can't really call them arcs. They're more like mathematical limits; it feels like they start moving toward some goal, and then they drift off in another direction, and then the movie ends. It's all setup!
½ May 6, 2014
Loved it. Hilarious. Watched it on Netflix.
½ May 3, 2014
Imagine Lassie meets Land of the dead or better yet,My dog skip meets Dawn of the Dead,this movie is a unique piece of art,combining horror and comedy in a very special way,hard to miss.
April 7, 2014
loved it. great story keeps you entertained
April 5, 2014
I actually enjoyed it.
½ March 16, 2014
There is a fine line between campy and cheesy, so I was a bit skeptical about this movie. they managed to pull it off though. this was quite funny and even charming at times. behind the lines there was a nice dig at corporations and the love of guns too. this town gives up all their freedoms to some big business for the promise of safety, and this safety is ensured largely by virtually EVERYONE owning weapons. but in the end of course NEITHER can keep the town totally safe. another good point in this movie is how often such totalitarian societies succeed also by discouraging and punishing anyone who doesn't fit in who doesn't simply keep their mouth shut and do what they are told. but there is also an argument to be made that if the family in the movie HAD followed the rules, the tragedies that follow would never have happened. maybe they WOULD have been safer. at what cost though?
February 14, 2014
maybe not your conventional zombie movie, yet there is some light humor and a twisted romance in the background to keep you seated as the movie progresses
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