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Field of Dreams Quotes

  • "Shoeless" Joe Jackson: Is this Heaven?.
    "Shoeless" Joe Jackson: Is this Heaven?
    Ray Kinsella: No.....It's Iowa
    Ray Kinsella: No.....It's Iowa.

  • "Shoeless" Joe Jackson: If you build it, he will come.

  • Annie Kinsella: If you were married to me you would kill me in my sleep.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson: If you build it, he will come.

  • Archie Graham: We just don't recognize life's most significant moments while they're happening. Back then I thought, "Well, there'll be other days". I didn't realize that that was the only day.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson: If You Build It, He Will Come.
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: If you build it, he will come.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson: Man, I did love this game. I'd have played for food money. It was the game... The sounds, the smells. Did you ever hold a ball or a glove to your face?
    Ray Kinsella: Yeah.
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: I used to love travelling on the trains from town to town. The hotels... brass spittoons in the lobbies, brass beds in the rooms. It was the crowd, rising to their feet when the ball was hit deep. Shoot, I'd play for nothing!

  • Ray Kinsella: I bet it's good to be playing again, huh?
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: Getting thrown out of baseball was like having part of me amputated. I've heard that old men wake up and scratch itchy legs that been dust for over fifty years. That was me. I'd wake up at night with the smell of the ball park in my nose, the cool of the grass on my feet... The thrill of the grass.

  • Ray Kinsella: The only thing we had in common was that she was from Iowa, and I had once heard of Iowa.

  • John Kinsella: Is this heaven?
    Ray Kinsella: It's Iowa.
    John Kinsella: Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven.
    John Kinsella: Oh yeah. It's the place where dreams come true.
    Ray Kinsella: [Ray looks around, seeing his wife playing with their daughter on the porch] Maybe this is heaven.

  • Ray Kinsella: So what do you want now?
    Terence Mann: I want them to stop looking to me for answers, begging me to speak again, write again, be a leader. I want them to start thinking for themselves. I want my privacy.
    Ray Kinsella: No, I mean, what do you WANT? [gestures to the concession stand they're in front of]
    Terence Mann: Oh. Dog and a beer.

  • Ray Kinsella: The Voice is back.
    Annie Kinsella: Oh, Lord. You're supposed to build a football field now?

  • Terence Mann: I'm going to beat you with a crowbar until you leave.
    Ray Kinsella: You can't do that.
    Terence Mann: There are rules here? No, there are no rules here. [advances with crowbar]
    Ray Kinsella: You're a pacifist!
    Terence Mann: [stops] Shit.

  • Annie Kinsella: Hey, what is the Voice calls when you're gone?
    Ray Kinsella: Take a message.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson: Ease his pain.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson: Go the distance.

  • Ray Kinsella: We're keeping this field.

  • Ray Kinsella: Is this heaven? Ray: This is Iowa
    Ray Kinsella: This is Iowa.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson: "Hey, you wanna come with us?"
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: Hey, you wanna come with us?
    Ray Kinsella: "You mean it?"
    Ray Kinsella: You mean it?
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: "Not you, him."
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: Not you, him.
    Ray Kinsella: "Him?"
    Ray Kinsella: Him?
    Terence Mann: "Come with you?"
    Terence Mann: Come with you?
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: "Out there."
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: Out there.
    Terence Mann: "What is out there?"
    Terence Mann: What is out there?
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: "Come find out."
    Shoeless Joe Jackson: Come find out.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson: If you build it, the will come.

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