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August 5, 2012
The latest turd that I've seen is this: The Giant of Marathon. It came late in Jacques Tourner's career and was completed by Mario Bava (the director of photography) after Jacques stepped out (for reasons unknown to me). It also featured Hercules himself, Steve Reeves, but in a non-Hercules role (although he pretty much was). It also features the beautiful Mylene Demongeot and some pretty good carnage. Other than that, the movie isn't very good. It was also featured on an episode of The Film Crew, which even they couldn't make all that funny. It's mostly boring and lifeless, even though there's an enormous of amount of fighting and battling. Thankfully, the best thing to come out of this was Mario Bava stepping up to the director's plate and going on to make some great films. That's the best thing to say about it really.
March 16, 2012
Yet another good riffing from The Film Crew. The movie really doesn't make much sense, but the riffing is hilarious as always. The host segments are very weird and funny too.
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