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Final Destination 2 Quotes

  • Thomas Burke: Trust me. I had a few close calls.
    Brian Gibbons: Yeah, me too. Dad, Tell them about that news van thing.
    Kimberly Corman: What's that?
    Mr. Gibbons: Well, Brian was almost hit by that news van that day in the field & your friend Rory, he pulled him back at the last second. Saved his life.
    Mrs. Gibbons: You never told me that, Peter. Boy that was lucky.

  • Mr. Bludworth: Hello, Clear. I've been expecting you.

  • Kimberly Corman: There's gonna be a huge accident. Everybody's gonna die!

  • Host: Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary since Velez Air Flight 180 exploded and crashed shortly after takeoff from JFK airport. It's a disaster that's affected many. None more so than Mt. Abraham High School, which lost 40 students and 4 faculty members in the crash. But it was the events after the crash that has turned this tragic story into something even stranger. The survivors that managed to get off the plane before it crashed died soon thereafter in a series of mysterious and bizarre accidents. Now to some, these deaths are just tragic coincidences, but to others, they're an indication that there are more sinister events taking place. That's the contention of tonight's guest. Thank you for joining us this evening.

  • Mr. Bludworth: Come to pick my brains?
    Mr. Bludworth: Come to pick my brain?
    Clear Rivers: Just a simple question and we'll leave you alone with your new friend.
    Clear Rivers: Just a simple question, and we'll leave you alone with your new friend.
    Mr. Bludworth: Dead, it's still...fresh.
    Mr. Bludworth: Dead, it's still... fresh.

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