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January 2, 2014
The premise necessitates its cheapness, which makes it get tedious, but there are some amazing bits of surreal asinine zaniness.
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½ June 16, 2011
Writer Vernon Chatman thought it would be a funny idea to send four custom fetish porn production companies completely absurd, surreal scripts and have them act out his "fantasies." He was right. A woman bathes in the tears of neglected children, another breastfeeds a porterhouse steak, and a third grates a wedge of cheese that's sticking out from a man's pants. But mostly, the actors sit around tables delivering insane dialogue about the apocalypse, death, and God, all in deadly earnest. It's not porn, although there is some explicit male and female mastrurbation here; you could cut out about 2 minutes and make it into an R-rated feature. Most people are likely to either love or hate it, but it's crazy and funny and worth a look for the adventurous.
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