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June 3, 2012
I want to buy Finding John Christmas,but have you a British version,as the USA one wont play on a British DVD player so if anyone can help i will be grateful
March 22, 2010
Max, the Christmas angel, returns in a new story as he attempts to reunite a fallen hero with his family and bring dreams back into the life of a nurse struggling to save her E.R. from being closed
December 14, 2009
This is a wonderful movie. Kathleen seeks out for her lost brother who was a fireman after seeing him in a news paper photo. She go through a lot off obsticles to find her brother. This is a movie you have to see.
½ January 1, 2009
Peter Falk has been the Christmas angel in several movies and he shines in this one, as usual. I only started watching the final 1/3 of the movie but I had tears streaming down my face almost every other minute. It's a rather good depiction of survivor's guilt and the meaning of family.
½ December 18, 2008
the acting, oh wait... can't call it that. hm...
½ December 18, 2008
the acting was terrible but the plot was great. they neede different actors.
November 30, 2008
I loved it, and loved all the shows, movies Valerie has ever been in. I wish that I could be so much like her, she is so beautiful, I love her haircut in the movie, and she looks so nice with her Jenny Craig figure, I wish I could afford that. Love to see you again since Touched By and Angel. I wish I could have a autograph picture of you, it would be so wonderful. Thank you, Nancy
½ December 30, 2007
It was sweet and all. A little frustrating at times, but it was a nice movie anyway.
December 10, 2007
This was a really good movie!
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