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½ January 6, 2016
Filme de sesão da tarde.
March 9, 2015
This is the best comedy I have seen this year. I see by reviews that I am alone in this opinion, but that's never stopped me before. What is probably true is that if you watch it with someone else, one of you will HATE it. This movie deals with real issues in a funny and frank way. I liked all the characters and I laughed through the WHOLE movie. There are many tender moments that were wasted on the other reviewers, and the humor is quirky, like all the characters. There's some rough language, and certainly more than one adult theme. Not for kids, but for an adult that doesn't want the same old romantic comedy, this is an "A+<" IMHO.
November 5, 2013
How is this movie not bigger? SO good, so funny!
½ August 18, 2013
Odd ball romantic comedy that is familiar so if you are in the mood for an off beat rom com then have a watch it is average but I enjoyed the cast and the difference in not using the standard grade actors for this style film. It also doesn't take itself serious good directing.
½ June 9, 2013
I found joy watching this
June 8, 2013
It s look.good i like it
April 12, 2013
One of those movies you just can't stop watching!!!
April 11, 2013
Very excited to see the theatrical release of this movie!!
April 11, 2013
Its always great to find a well written, well acted, and well produced romantic comedy. Found myself laughing and also wanting to shed a tear. The characters are outragous yet not so unlike ourselves. It was definitely a fun movie, and different from the typical Hollywood offerings. I highly recommend it.
April 10, 2013
This is going to be great!
½ April 10, 2013
Great film. Go see it!
April 10, 2013
A Great Movie to see and very entertaining for the soul!A Must See!
April 10, 2013
Quirky and relatable. Finally a must see film since award season!
April 10, 2013
Wonderful movie with loveable characters that develop before your eyes!
Check it out!
½ April 2, 2013
Run of the mill romantic comedy with characters and events you've come to know from better movies. Acting is mostly good but very little chemistry when it matters. Bad writing with shallow characters and jokes that fall flat. Overall not worth your time or money.
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