Jan 23, 2021 remains provocative...
Mar 7, 2015
It blends together high and low culture, as Toback bet on this combo to win despite its long odds.
Feb 6, 2010
Portrait of the artist as a young thug
Nov 20, 2007
Wow. Cool.
Apr 9, 2007
Probably one of the most naked psychodramas of its decade.
Nov 18, 2005
Sep 21, 2005
Jul 17, 2005
May 3, 2005
A penetrating portrait of tortured, impotent masculinity and the foolishness of attempting to be something you're not.
Nov 28, 2002
Fingers works for a handful of reasons - not the least of which is a phenomenal early performance by Harvey Keitel.
Oct 26, 2002
To see Fingers is to see Keitel perform as if he's doing dramatic improv. And that's absolutely fine as it is.