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February 9, 2013
ambitious, enthralling and a different take of a sad, tragic historical event
August 14, 2011
A good first time attempt at direction by Nandita Das
April 22, 2011
three stars for effort but two stars for overall enjoyment. this attractive actress turned director was quite heavy-handed in her treatment, the whole film was just 'uneven'. it was kinda hard to plod through this slowie; as if life ain't depressing enough!
February 27, 2011
"crash" like ... but good performances from the actors makes it a good watch
½ October 4, 2010
Excellent portrayal of the existing divisions in Indian society and the stigmatism, suspicion and anger between groups - offset by examples of the will to integrate and live alongside each other.
July 27, 2010
Just few people were good at act else it lacked content!
½ July 22, 2010
A highly accomplished and searing directorial debut by Nandita Das.....the ensemble cast is outstanding!!!!
June 25, 2010
coming from a non muslim direct a movie over the rampage in 2002, where many Muslims were killed, nandita das has tried to portray alot more ! this movie is not about one is about how man reacts, to we resolve humans are no where better off then animals..5 stories...with each one having great performances and significance..the one with the child stands out..he basically makes you journey through the whole event ! the one with deepti naval and paresh rawal..has an awespiring end...naseeruddin enigmatic..yet helpless as the romantic! sansay suri doesnt want to hide any more..why does a name matter so much to people around !! and shahana goswami...with a burnt house...a husband who has no solution i sight ..and a friend..who suddenly..cannot be trusted...all this and much Firaaq..highly recommended !
½ May 19, 2010
there is this actor, deepti naval, who you simply cannot fail to appreciate. she makes it look so real and so so fine.this is a thought-provoking film, wonderfully performed by all its actors with a classic direction by nandita das. watch this!
½ April 17, 2010
The opening sequence where a truck dumps dozens of corpses of victims died in Godhra riot in the graveyard for mass burial implies that Nandita Das's ''Firaaq'' is not going to be an easy watch for sure.
Rahul Dholakia's ''PARZANIA'' which released long back in 2007 had a heart-breaking plot of a 10-year old Parsi boy getting lost in the riot, In Firaaq, Nandita narrates 6 stories which are neither connected to each other nor unites in the culmination documenting the horrific and shameful chapter of Godhra Riots in 2002.
The movie might not be so haunting as ''Parzania'' but it pricks our conscious after every narratives. You feel for the characters who's life got changed irrevocably after the event.
Gujarati abused wife (DEEPTI NAVAL) is haunted by the guilt for not opening the door for a Sobbing Muslim lady during the riot, Mixed Religion couple (TISCA CHOPRA & SANJAY SURI) prepares to get shift to Delhi as the Muslim husband scares for what would happen next. An auto-rickshaw driver's house get burned down so his wife (SHAHANA GOSWAMI) suspects her hindu friends's husband involvement in it. An Optimistic Elderly Muslim musician (NASEERUDIN SHAH) finally resigns himself from the fact that music can calm the rage & A Muslim Boy,in search of his father, is unaware that he has been orphaned in the carnage,
Director Nandita Das doesn't shy away from showing the dark side of her character as well. There is a scene where Paresh Rawal's character asks his younger brother DILIP JOSHI whether did he enjoy the gangrape he participated in ? and moment later switches on the News seeing a Muslim lady criticizing the carnage and complaining of destroying her dignity to which Joshi says These lady have less dignity to begin with. These scene made such a powerful impact in this powerful film. There are many scenes which will shock you completely because we haven't come across such harsh reality-check before.
Performance is memorable from each and every cast, no doubt but the actors who haunt you the most till the end of the show is DEEPTI NAVAL, SHAHANA GOSWAMI & the child actor playing Orphan Mohsin.
''Firaaq'' is the movie you shouldn't miss because it's inherently honest with a powerful message to be delivered, 2 thumbs up for Fantastic Actress's first Fantastic directorial debut. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!
½ March 8, 2010
A very nice movie on Gujarat riots. Must watch
February 20, 2010
A nerve chilling movie. There isn't a single scene of violence in the entire movie but the effect that it creates is disturbing enough for one to imagine the nightmare that was Gujarat in 2002.Brilliant actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Deepti Naval and Paresh Rawal give the movie its impact. Written by actor turned debutant director Nandita Das, this film serves as an insight into the ambience that prevailed without nil bias.
February 6, 2010
Firstly the star-cast attracted me....Nasir Sir, Deepti Naval after a really long time, Paresh Rawal, tisca Chopra and Sanjay suri. These names are known in industry for their acting rather than their celebrity value. Next thing that attracted me was Nandeeta Das as a director. As we all know she is an amazing actress but after watching firaaq i think she should change her field from acting to direction. firaaq is a movie without massage but has some delicate issues which makes us think. based on gujraat confict and its effect on some common people firaaq completely seals with the human emotions hurt after the violence rather than the hindu muslim issue. i found nandita das's work really good. if you talk about acting then nasir sir has done a excellent job and now when i compare this role with one in ishqiya, i cant find a single similarity. its feels good to see Deepti Naval on the screen after a really long time and no one could have given her a comeback as good as this than nandeeta das. overall its a must watch because our society always ignore such good quality movie though they win many prestigious awards outside the country.
½ February 3, 2010
Easily one of the best hindi films of the year.
½ December 29, 2009
Watched this at TIFF'08... An Indian film in the style of "Crash" (weaving storylines) about conflict between Hindus and Muslims in India. It kinda opens your eyes to the the fear, politics, terror and violence that is happening in another part of the world. A little drawn out though and it didn't really have a strong climax or anything, except to show a (fictionalized) account of what many Indian people are experiencing.
½ December 27, 2009
This movie attempted to bring to the forefront a sensitive topic, but did not do so in an effective way. The concept was to show the treatment of Muslims in India through the eyes of various Muslims that were living it, in various situations and social systems. The movie was good in that way of expressing the views through multiple eyes instead of a single set. However, where the movie failed was that there was no story to follow or anything that the audience can latch onto to determine what is going on. Although this was not meant for entertainment, the quick setting changes really made it more difficult to pay attention.

Still though, a powerful view of a sensitive topic. Overall a must see.
½ December 13, 2009
Very sensitively made movie - a must watch. The pain of Gujarat is a shame! This is a balanced, non-biased first time direction effort by Nandita Das
½ December 5, 2009
stirs a lot of emotions.
½ October 2, 2009
A very 'real' story of reactions and adjustments of ordinary people to extra-ordinary situations, and has exceptional star-cast and some very good acting. A mix of slightly intertwined stories, none of them never-seen-before, but they're still very captivating. You might find the end concluded a bit incompletely, but then it's a 'real' movie, with which most people will be able to identify.
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