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October 6, 2013
Such a great movie, I am glad that I caught it on syfy. Would love to see it again.
½ June 20, 2012
This is one of the movies I wanted to watch because Ian Somerhalder appeared in it. Apparently not the best movie to watch, but it's not bad either. I liked Colin Cunningham and Aleks Paunovic, they're good actors and a person is a good actor when you think he can't be anything, but his character. They gave me that impression. Ian Somerhalder on the other hand wasn't attracting much attention to his acting, rather showcasing the good looks of his character. I mean in most of this type action movies the protagonist gets to be some special agent from some law-enforcement body, who happens to be dashingly stylish, very handsome, adorable and charming, and always having a near-to-death experience at the end of the movie (call it a clichť if you want), so there seems to be no special requirement for the actor to shine off his acting abilities much. I think this was the case with Ian Somerhalder here. He was cute as usual, but I really prefer watching him in some challenging roles like in "Changing Hearts" (Jason Kelly is a troubled young man unable to find happiness and in constant depression who later opens up his heart to a beautiful relationship with a very positive strong woman) or the "Tournament" (Miles Slade is one of the world's best assassins participating in the Tournament for the title of Number 1 and 10 mil. USD. He is a Texas psycho crazy about killing anyone and anything he sees, collecting fingers of his victims as his trophies: a real psychopath! He is killed near the end of the movie by the tournament organizers). Now, that's acting! In overall, I liked the movie, the plot was ok, so I recommend watching it once to just for the fun of it!
½ September 28, 2011
Fireball (Kristoffer Tabori, 2009)
Fireball (Thanakorn Pongsuwan, 2009)

There were two movies called Fireball released in 2009. One of them, directed by Kristoffer Tabori (a serviceable TV series director with two big-screen features under his belt), is a Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie starring Lexa Doig. The other is a Thai martial arts film about extreme basketball. I'll give you a few seconds to decide which of them is the better film.

Now that you're done laughing hysterically, we'll continue by noting that the single keyword attached to the American film on IMDB is ‚panties‚?. And I have no idea why, despite watching the DVD version rather than the TV version. Which should tell you how much I remember about this movie. I remember, as I mentioned, that it stars Lexa Doig, whose appearance in a movie immediately sends it into the dumpster (viz. Jason X, her last big-screen appearance for a decade), and has to do with a big, dumb prison escapee (Aleks Paunovic from Wishmaster 4) who finds himself with pyrokinetic abilities. Screenplay was written by Kariag Wenman, who was responsible for such cinematic classics as Intermedio and Confined. Basically, you get what you pay for.

On the other hand there's Fireball the Thai sports flick, and I am able to admit that my weakness for sports films (despite my general dislike of actually watching sports) probably accounts for my liking this more than a lot of people did. It, too, involves Tan, a guy who just got out of prison (Preeti Barameeanat) thanks to his brother Tai basically bribing him out. His brother, however, is now in a persistent vegetative state, and it's up to Tan to figure out why. Thanks to a lead from Tai's girlfriend, he starts hanging around in the same places, and is eventually approached by people who think he's Tan (they're twins) and want him to get back into playing Fireball, a combination of basketball and May Thai where anything goes and billions of dollars are exchanged in underground gambling rings. There's a pretty ridiculous revenge subplot, some cheesy acting, the obligatory woeful subtitles, and the balance of big fight scenes to actual plot advancement is tipped way over, but for simple turn-your-brain-off fun you can do a lot worse than this. Like, for example, Fireball.

Fireball (Tabori): * ¬ 1/2
Fireball (Pongsuwan): ***
September 1, 2011
I am going to pass on this one.
August 8, 2011
not worth it, some gridiron star goes mental and gains powers of fire control,its cheap and boring basically awful
July 22, 2011
Better than most SyFy films due to the talent of Ian Somerhalder. The pyrotechnic special effects were also good.
½ April 19, 2011
Something to watch if your having those dreaded post-Lost withdraw symptoms. It's pathetic, I know :(...
November 25, 2010
Ian Somerhalder looking like he?s auditioning for MIB 3 playing CIA agent Lee Cooper alongside Lexa Doig as Ava Williams a forensic scientist for the fire dept. & Aleks Paunovic as shamed football star Tyler Draven Who is the antagonist the movie. This I liked. Was cool watch out for those DNA based steroids! The movie truly starts when Draven is taken into custody. The Police station goes ?poof? & I don?t mean as in to make disappear. The rest of the movie Officer Cooper & the Forensics lady is on a chase to try to stop ?Fireball? I do like where the ending takes place, I haven?t (if at all) seen that this might be the first time) & All I could say is ??IF only? C
August 26, 2010
was a pretty good movie for its genre
loved the romance that was going on and not going on
nice one to watch
½ July 29, 2010
Someone Explain to me how this depraved jock was smart enough to know he could blow up the power plant, or even know what the hell he was doing? He apparently makes fire from his sweat, but it's not believable because he apparently understands what is going on, but the FBI agent has to have it explained to him by the fire investigator. Yeah, totally believable. At least the explaination wasn't totally far fetched...or at least as far fetched as Pontypool was.
½ July 25, 2010
Pretty fun and enjoyable movie. Standard scifi channel afternoon film.
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