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December 15, 2017
Men are not going to like this very romantic movie. I loved it.
June 26, 2015
Love this film. Yes, it is a classic fantasy of "lord marries the nanny" but truly worthy escapism on a rainy afternoon.
February 16, 2015
I loved Stephen Dillane's character and performance.
December 26, 2014
This movie is gripping right from the beginning. Stephen Dillane and Sophie Marceau in front of the firelight ! Man Hot ! What a love scene ! Such a great movie.
½ March 10, 2014
Despite its' flaws and predictability, Firelight is a lovely movie to watch. The costumes, music and actors make this fairytale come to life. My two favorite themes are highlighted, a mother will do anything for her child and love conquers all. Enjoy!
March 11, 2013
Aside from the beautiful cinematography, there was nothing much going. The whole premise of the film is flawed and the chemistry between Sophie Marceau and Stephen Dillane did not bring it to life
January 1, 2013
real actors lovely movie
September 29, 2012
A pen-ultimate chick-flick for costume drama romance lovers, this film is visually stunning and the locations beautiful. The little house in the middle of the lake is like something out of a dream. This movie is especially for those whose favorite book is Jane Eyre. To Jeffrey M. Anderson, your critic who found this so boring, I will explain why you find it so--YOU ARE A MALE WHO CAN'T RELATE TO WOMEN'S INTERESTS IN LIFE! If you don't understand women's films, don't review them, in the interest of fairness.
April 28, 2012
Not a masterpiece by any means, but still a nice watch. Very sentimental and sappy, but not to the point of wretching. Wish this one was easier to find on home video Stateside.
April 25, 2012
Firelight is magical. The lighting was amazing and it was well directed with an intriguing script. An erotic romance filled with just the right dose of passion- a rare find.
½ March 26, 2012
Call it corny if you will but it's my favorite film.
January 28, 2012
This is such a beautiful film, and one i absolutely love! It's quite a sad film and i did shed a tear or few watching it, and always do, at the same parts. It's the type of film that can seep into your heart and never leave. It stays with you for life. It grabs your heart and won't let go. And that's what i love about it. It grabbed my heart 3 years ago now, and still it won't let go. But i don't want it to, because i love this film with all my heart.

Elisabeth agrees to have a child with Charles for money, as her family are very poor, and she needs the money. At birth she gives her daughter, Louisa, to her father Charles, which was the deal, never to see her again. But 7 years later Elisabeth has never forgotten Louisa, and tracks her down, becoming her governess, so she can be closer to her. Charles lets her and they don't tell Louisa, who has become a spoiled little brat, that Elisabeth is really her mother. With Elisabeth's help Louisa becomes nicer, well educated and more likeable. Charles and Elisabeth find themselves falling in love and from then on it just gets better and better. The scene where Louisa finds out that Elisabeth is her mother is one of the most heartbreaking parts of the film, as all she's ever wanted is to meet her mother, and Elisabeth finally gets to love her like she's always wanted too.

A heartbreaking, beautiful and brilliant film! One everyone could grow to love if they truly gave it a chance!!!
July 2, 2011
Excellent performance by Sophie Marceau. Better than average period drama. Worth the 2 hr investment.
May 19, 2011
It differs from other period movies i've seen, interesting though and quite refresing due to its different storyline
April 28, 2011
All those professional critics that call Firelight "predictable and dull" have completely missed the point. Maybe they should all go take a few film classes. Firelight is pure and simply a masterpiece of the art.
October 23, 2010
Recommended for those who like time pieces or period dramas.
½ August 17, 2010
for what is worth watching the affair between Marceau and Anderson, is drastic, appealing, sweet and passionate. Else, the movie sucks!
Super Reviewer
½ August 1, 2010
My wife and I enjoyed this a lot more than the critics did, obviously. It has its flaws, and some people can't get past the low-key nature of this romantic drama. Firelight takes you through a wide vareity of highs and lows as you follow the life path of Sophie Marceau's governess character. The casting is excellent, and this period piece has a lot of romantic and redemptive moments. It's not Jane Austen level, or a Bronte novel, but its effective and detailed. The social mores of the time are difficult to understand now, but Marceau gives a sympathetic performance. The twist is easy to unravel, but the suspense of what's going to happen, and how it will all play out, for good or ill, is the interesting journey this film takes.
April 24, 2010
The ending went too quick. But the actors were good and the story was interesting, though rather formulaic, albeit odd for a period drama. The whole premise for the story was never actually explained, which is a bit annoying since it is so odd.
April 20, 2010
Beautiful period piece/ Very well acted and directed. I recommend it. Mild Caution: contains some sexuality/nudity, but it is not done to excite audiences, merely to propel the story forward.
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