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Jet Li stars in this historical Hong Kong action film, as Chen Zhen, a Chinese student in Japan in the 1920s. When his master is killed during the Japanese occupation of China, he returns to avenge his teacher's death. Back in China, he finds himself caught in the escalating racial tensions between the Chinese and the Japanese. The martial arts sequences in this 1994 film are handled more seriously than flashy acrobatics of other kung fu epics of the time and are perhaps a better showcase for Li's awe-inspiring fighting abilities. This story is inspired heavily by Bruce Lee's classic Fists of Fury. ~ Jonathan E. Laxamana, Rovi

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  • Jun 28, 2015
    Jet Li started gathering a reputation that he was just a poser through his first few films. For some reason, people thought he wasn't the real deal. So what he did was recreate with heavy influence one of Bruce Lee's most famous films, Fist of Fury. This is why Fist of Legend is considered one of his breakout roles in the martial arts lore. There's some big skull cracking and bone breaking in the first fifteen minutes. While the plot follows your prototypical kung fu line, there were actually a few strings pulled to keep you on your feet if you weren't paying enough attention. The sound effects could have been a bit more on point and not so conspicuous and it seemed like the dialogue was a bit delayed, but when it came to actually seeing the hand-to-hand combat on screen, there's nothing better for its time.
    Lane Z Super Reviewer
  • Jan 31, 2012
    Man, this is by far, the best Jet Li movie I've seen. Choreography is raw with very real but dazzling moves. Don't miss out on this if you're a martial arts fan.
    Albert K Super Reviewer
  • Nov 26, 2011
    The classic Bruce Lee film, The Chinese Connection (1972), Bruce portrayed the character of Chen Zhen so amazingly that the character had an impact on the media. Since 1972, Chen Zhen has become the subject of numerous films and television series. Of course, no one can out do Bruce Lee legendary performance, but Jet Li comes pretty damn close to doing that. If you haven't seen the Chinese Connection (shame on you), here the overall plot without any spoilers. Chen Zhen fights to salvage Jingwu School's reputation after the death of Huo Yuanjia. There's more to it, but I don't want to ruin anything as the story is well paced knowing when to bring in the action scenes (all well done and filmed) and dramatic scene that are actually entertaining unlike many action movies. I love the hell out of this movie, if you like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies, you should check this out. If you don't like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, for some reason, you should still check this.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 31, 2010
    Jet Li returns to China to help out his old academy, now threatened by a Japanese army plot. The script is 1970's cheesy ( English judge.. ""I find these proceedings ridiculous... and anyway I have to go play a cricket game. Case dismissed" ) but the martial arts are exemplory, and this from someone who couldn't give a flying fist for most of your average martial arts rumbles. <img src="">
    Lesley N Super Reviewer

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