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After a nuclear holocaust tears the world apart, mankind is forced to the harshness of not only the oppression of others who are much more powerful, but the dead earth which seems to be getting worse with every passing moment. But a savior has risen from the ashes, a man who will defeat those who would torment the weak and make the world a livable place once more. A man named Kenshiro.....
Action & Adventure , Animation , Anime & Manga , Art House & International , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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"Fist Of The North Star", is about a man named, Kenshiro, who know's how to use the deadly martial arts move, The Fist Of The North Star, wander's through the post apocalyptic world to save his fiance, Julia, from his evil friend. Pro's: The film has some great animation. Especially when the enemies get killed. The character's were cool. The storytelling was good. Con's: The animation can be a little dated at times. Julia sound's old in the English Dub. "Fist Of The North Star", is a super-violent and awesome anime movie for anyone looking for a good anime movie to watch or someone who's into action film's.

name gammerrrrrrrrrrr
name gammerrrrrrrrrrr

Based on the animated series of the same name. produced in Japan as a comic strip (manga) then an anime series that debuted in 1984. A movie that is no doubt showing its age by now, but at the time was somewhat cutting edge. Not at all for the weak at heart or even your average anime fan. (otaku) The film made its mark for sure and certainly should not be forgotten. The animation conisists mainly of blocky oversized men and emphasized lightning / energy effects, beyond most people's comprehension. The story fails to explain the extremeness of each charactetrs talents, and the source of their power. As with other anime, alot is left to the viewers imagination and confusing turn of events cause disinterest. If ass kicking animation is your thing, than this should really get your blood pumping. It serves up a heavy dosage of fist to face action and nonstop intensity. The major point of interest in a movie such as this should be the main characters struggle against the odds, but every encouter proves to be too short lived and simplistic to really encourage the viewer to keep watching.Old school and hardcore to the bone. This attempts to summarize the events of the series. However, several important characters and events from the story are missing. The film goes further than the anime in terms of nsane violence and intense gore. Witness one of the most brutal and mature animations ever created. A tragic tale of human survival, dramatic and powerful. Kung Fu enthusiasts rejoice, for this is your anthem..

Jesse B
Jesse B

Rockin' anime movie! really kicks major ass all the way with great animation, excellent storytelling and brutal graphic violence all the way.

Jonathan Lindsey
Jonathan Lindsey

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