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April 30, 2017
great POSITIVE take on the black experience. these type of movies are few and far between
January 27, 2016
Crossing another unseen Blaxploitation film off the list, this one was a very pleasant surprise as it covers very different material from other films of the same era. We see a previously meek wife finally start to stand up for herself and her children with their (presumably well meaning) domineering father, and it's a helluva lot of fun.

It was well worth tracking this one down, give it a look.
½ March 26, 2014
not bad B movie fare
½ February 26, 2012
What this movie lacks in production quality and even acting/direction is made up for in content quality. It makes a pretty decent attempt and defining a black family of the 70's that was stretched across several extremes of social idealism.

I've got to give it to them. I was tempted to give up on it several times but I'm glad I didn't cause by the end, not only did it make me think, but it left me with a warm feeling that is all to rare with movies of this era/genre.
½ January 25, 2012
Before Tyler Perry and Spike Lee there was Brock Peters and his attempt to instill Black Pride and family togetherness. Take a closer look at this top film from 1973.
½ October 2, 2011
A stark contrast to most of the African American films of the early seventies. Very positive.
½ September 23, 2011
good slice of life flick, just needed 2 follow thru on the characterization.
½ September 20, 2011
so so blacksploitation flick.
July 12, 2011
Middle class famil rebel against their domineering father/husband. Allegedly a comedy but this is woefully dated and probably wasn't very funny in 1973 either.
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