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½ April 18, 2016
A good movie. This film has one of the craziest opening scenes I have seen recently. It was not what I was expecting but I still enjoyed the movie.
½ March 30, 2016
Flight is very moving, with an incredible performance by Denzel Washington and an excellent script this could make a great Zemeckis film. Well I don't see it as one of his best just more or less just another drama film. Some flaws, but I'm glad I saw it.
March 9, 2016
Not very entertaining by a well-made movie with good performances from Washington, Goodman, and Cheadle.
February 27, 2016
Nothing new, but still a drama to see Denzel have a comeback
February 25, 2016
Were goin inverted!! Classic Denzel
February 5, 2016
Great movie. Denzel does it again.
½ January 30, 2016
looks like a good movie from the preview
January 23, 2016
I really enjoyed this film, even more so the second time I watched it. There's a real sense of reality about it. It's almost like you're watching real people rather than actors. Denzel Washington is a brilliant actor as everyone knows and he's on top form in this one. The stories great not so much about an air crash or even an air crash investigation, it's all about the main characters inner demons. The crash is really just a stage set for the main story and that's what I liked. The first time I watched I thought it was all about an air disaster, it's not. At the end when Whittaker admits to everyone at the hearing he's an alcoholic, you believe every word he says. He doesn't over act he just nails it. That's what makes him so great. The supporting cast are all good especially Don Cheadle who normally I don't like. Washington however casts a big shadow which is hard to step out from.
January 22, 2016
Kinda Cool Leaving Las Vegas With A Plane & Some Redemption...!
January 18, 2016
Flight is nothing less than awesome!! Writing and acting are great. Direction was good. The funny parts were great cause they seemed real. As in The Master this captures alcoholism pretty good. One kinda cheesy scene at the end, but nothing to really complain about.
December 31, 2015
A great visualization from director Robert Zemeckis for making a movie about someone who should be the hero to become the zero and letting the audiences in a gray vote, to vote for him or to blame him.. Denzel Washington undoubtedly gave his best performance for making a performance that actually a jackass but looks like a hero.. The story itself is simple, audiences didn't have to think hard about the story, they just need to make their choices for whom they should stand for.. Overall, Zemeckis once again successfully stole my heart with this movie..
December 29, 2015
Average, dragging & preaching though.
½ December 12, 2015
Denzel Washington plays a very dynamic and powerful role that carries the film, but the pacing is uneven, with all the action coming within the first half hour followed by a slow, but thoughtful and deliberate conclusion to a film about a terrible crash and the controversial pilot who performed a miracle.
December 5, 2015
This may be the best performance Denzel Washington has ever done. Very powerful flick that gives a harrowing glimpse into the struggles into the life of an alcoholic/drug addict, along with the consequences of not seeking help. The crash scene is powerful, emotional, brilliantly scripted and executed.
December 5, 2015
Great performance by Denzel Washington, very realistic. The film itself is vital, about our vices and our courage (or lack of it) to admit them and face them.
November 30, 2015
Less a film about a pilot, and more a film about addiction..... Breaks your heart several times...
November 25, 2015
A great performance form Denzel Washington makes this movie worthwhile.This is a drama movie but the scenes with John Goodman's character were hilarious, another reason to watch this movie.
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