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½ August 27, 2010
The early going was quite depressing, as we watched a bar owner, Whitey (Michael Madsen), struggling to keep his seedy neighborhood bar afloat in a sea of debt to the local Shylock. That mood continued through the center section as a hustler (Jim Belushi) works his swindle on a friend of Whitey's, played by Luke Perry, who shows us that he is more than just a pretty face. And the guy (Tom Sizemore) who ran out on Whitey's soon-to-be-married sister, played by Virginia Madsen, has returned to town with a heavy load of guilt for his past sins. The darkness drags on through the final wedding preparations, right up to the final ten minutes, when finally the sun breaks through the clouds and everything turns out hearts and flowers (metaphorically speaking)! As a character study, this gets a lot of the bits right, but as a story, it was hard to feel anything but sadness. There are several interesting side stories, and the interaction amongst the various characters played fairly genuine. The local color provided by the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania gave the film an authenticity that would be hard to duplicate anywhere else. Just be prepared to empty your account of pathos for this bunch of sad sacks.
½ July 18, 2009
Good... Real good watched it this morning and it might have been my mood but I could appreciate this story
March 6, 2009
Kind of an interesting movie. I mostly watched it because I liked the cast. Decent film, but I wouldn't watch it again.
January 11, 2009
ok, after two minutes of intro, i am intrigued; nice narrator voice and awesome cast (basically the whole case of reservoir dogs)!
September 27, 2008
Prica o zajednickom imenitelju nekoliko zivotnih prica u zabitom americkom gradicu, baru koji drzi Majkl Medsen, ''Florentajn'' i nastupajucoj svadbi njegove sestre, za koje se svako na svoj nacin sprema. Odlicna ekipa glumaca, bez prave vodece uloge, mada Luk Peri odskace svojim tragikomicnim pokusajima ozbiljne glume. Na kraju krajeva, patetike mozda i previse, mada bi neko rekao da ''ova prica moze zagrejati vase srce''...
½ July 31, 2008
A chick flick for guys? Would that be a dick flick? No, that sounds kinda wrong. Maybe a prick flick? Hmmm, better, I guess. But seriously, this is essentially the male equivalent of a chick flick - a movie about a bunch of 30 something guys and the everyday struggles that we all face; old friendships being tried, loss of loved ones, money problems, loss of one's youth, etc.

It's a richly detailed film, from the characters themselves to the rundown, depressed setting of Eastern Pennsylvania. It never feels contrived or hollow; it's almost like seeing someone's diary come to life.
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