Flushed Away Reviews

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November 3, 2018
Flushed Away, directed by David Bowers and Sam Fell, is creatively realized, especially in how it takes "found" materials underground and re-imagines London landmarks.
November 3, 2018
Aiding the movie greatly is its excellent voice casting.
November 2, 2018
It's smarter than all the other 2006 animated movies, save for Monster House.
November 2, 2018
Nice action, fun animation, good voice acting, mediocre to dull story. In the end it all balances out.
November 2, 2018
Flushed Away may not be Aardman's best work, but it's still much smarter than most of the junk that passes for kids' entertainment these days.
November 2, 2018
The result is a movie that has glossier and more elaborately designed backgrounds while retaining the traditional values of storytelling and performance -- and, of course, talking animals.
January 24, 2013
November 17, 2011
July 6, 2007
Exciting, adventurous, and flush with visual and verbal gags, Aardman's latest stands out from the many other children's animations released this year because it seems a labour of love rather than a soulless commodity.
March 24, 2007
A witty combination of jokes for both adults and kids.
December 30, 2006
The movie's gaggle of writers (seven different men have either screenplay or story credits) come up with enough clever visual references to ease the burden of familiarity.
December 15, 2006
The dialogue is witty and the action exciting, but without the hands-on, homemade appeal of stop-motion, the Aardman magic is missing.
December 15, 2006
Any movie designed for kids that wantonly throws around Kafka gags gets my vote.
December 14, 2006
Embora animados digitalmente, os personagens deste novo longa trazem, em seus designs e personalidades, as caractersticas que fizeram dos filmes da Aardman um repositrio constante de histrias engraadas e envolventes.
December 8, 2006
Deliciously witty, funny and clever, endlessly inventive and filled with Aardman's trademark eye for detail, Flushed Away has more for grown ups than for kids, although no age group could complain of being under nourished with entertainment in this film.
December 1, 2006
Although Flushed Away is on a much bigger scale than its homely predecessors, it's still comfortably offbeat and funny.
November 30, 2006
A treat for adults and children alike.
November 29, 2006
The best animated movie of the year and only a whisker shy of the brilliance of Wallace and Gromit.
November 20, 2006
Achieves a controlled sense of arcane looseness on its way to becoming one of the year's better animated efforts.
November 14, 2006
If you love "Wallace and Gromit," you'll want to get "Flushed Away" with these new characters from Aardman.
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