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September 27, 2014
I don't need to see the movie to know it's bad. I read the plot summary. Even the plot summary made the movie seem hokey, pointless, and unneeded with story elements borrowed from elsewhere. And from the beginning of the plot summary I could tell the character Bartok could not be trusted! I don't plan on seeing this, and I advise you don't plan to see it, either. But I didn't completely hate the summary, so I'll rate the movie 20%.
September 6, 2014
As a follow-up to one of the greatest horrors of all time, The Fly II is dreadful. Yet, in its own right, it is actually better than you might have thought. Chris Walas' sequel concerns itself merely with gore and a desire, it seems, to appeal to a younger audience. The characters are wafer thin, and the plot really doesn't hold water.

Nonetheless, the gory sequences are gleefully grizzly and, like the original, Walas must once again be commended for his creature effects that made the first film so spectacular. All in all, the film is a damn sight better than it really has any right to be. Especially when you compare it to some piddling sequels you get.
August 6, 2014
A gory, rehash of its predecessor with a much lesser cast. However a pleasant surprise given its terrible reviews. It's definitely not great but its not that bad either.
July 2, 2014
It's got nothing on Cronenberg's original - or the Vincent Price classic, but it is an disgustingly cool continuation of the story. It has some of the most graphic blood effects I've seen, including a head popping like a zit under and elevator and a man whose face is dissolved away in corrosive fly vomit, so yes it's very gory but only towards the end, so it does make the special effects better but the rest is just second best. Eric Stoltz is good as Martin Brundle, the son of Seth Brundle and does well playing as a five year old who suffers from accelerated growth because of his "Fly" genes, though the character does miss it's quirkyness from the first film. It really is the last 30 minutes that saves the film and most acting is poor but the supporting cast but at least the lead as heart and is trying so hard over a weak, predictable script. But it does hook you and is a worthy sequel but you won't lose sleep over it, if you don't see it. The film is just noticeable for it's gore and tries to shock you with some disturbing scenes but it's problem is it's not scary, nor shocking but really worth a look.
June 11, 2014
Despite the bad reviews, I really enjoyed this movie.
½ May 30, 2014
DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID TO THAT GAURD!?? Just a treat for the eyes, the most graphic blood effects I've ever seen! Still better than todays standard.
½ February 16, 2014
Not as good as the first one. The bit with the dog was horrible. The Fly is a classic, the Fly 2 is a forgettable sequel
January 30, 2014
Seth Brundle was a brilliant scientist who died after a teleportation accident caused him to transform, but he left a son behind. Martin lost his mother in childbirth and is raised by the corrupt Anton Bartok who only wants to use Martin to discover the secrets behind the TelePod. But Martin accelerates in age rapidly, is as smart as his father and is about to transform into something much more deadly. Not as good as the first movie but this movie has a lot of things that I liked so yeah.
½ December 21, 2013
Nowhere near as good as the first.... But honestly wasn't half-bad.
½ October 17, 2013
last half hour is great..minus the last brutal 30 seconds....not even comparable to the first though
October 4, 2013
under-rated sequel that may not live up to it's predecessor, but a great revenge exploit by it's final act. Probably not for everyone
August 28, 2013
Wait, there's a Fly II? Oh yeah that's right, and no one remembers it.
Super Reviewer
½ August 15, 2013
Sequel to David Cronenberg's, The Fly is a misfire due to the fact that it just fails to capture the intensity of the original and strips away the tension that was featured so prominently in the original. The film started off well, but towards the middle, the film started to come apart and you could clearly see why the film was doomed to become an unnecessary sequel. After seeing this, you realize that David Cronenberg's remake of The Fly never needed a second part, but at the same time, it peaked my curiosity to see what sequel to that film would bring. Disappointingly, it just ended being a bad film with awful performances, decent, but ultimately cheap looking gore effect and poor directing. The cast do what they can =with such a poorly constructed script, and most of the cast just end botching their performances. This is a stupid sequel that should never have been made in the first place, and it will surely disappoint fans of the original. This is a film not worth your time and it fails to capture the chaotic horror of the original. The film had potential, and if Cronenberg would have made it, and wrote the script, this film would surely have been much better. However it is just really boring with an underdeveloped storyline and poor direction and lacking performances. The Fly II isn't worth seeing if you've seen Cronenberg's movie, and it should have been much better. Instead the film fails at being interesting for the viewer and it lacks anything truly worthwhile that would normally make it a good movie.
August 13, 2013

it has an unfair rap.
½ August 9, 2013
No doubt it's flawed and the inconsistent tone changes don't help either, but if you look past it you have a visually unsettling and fairly original take on the classic monster transformation movie formula. Top notch special effects here a must watch for any gore hound or student of the art form. It's imagery and stomach churning moments make it memorable if not a decent midnight movie watch with your friends.
½ July 22, 2013
Los efectos son exelentes pero el argumento esta fuera de creatividad y esfuerzo,lo que la hace una mala secuela para una obra maestra
June 8, 2013
There's something about this film that intrigues me. It was never meant to be a masterpiece but I find myself enjoying it after each watch. Filled with great special effects, it's a movie you can kick back and enjoy without having to give it much thought about what's going on. It's pure fun.
May 12, 2013
To create a monster , then to lie... You are what u created .. Crazy film .. Don't mess with science! It will just bite u the ass , your in this case , squash!!! Splat!!!
½ April 2, 2013
How do you go from Cronenberg's 'Fly' to this?! What a waste of time.
½ March 31, 2013
I never thought of The Fly becoming a sequel after that supposed climax at the end. Aside from the special effects, nothing else was impressive with this movie.
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