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In this Walt Disney film, a bunch of Boy Scouts luck out when worn-out jazz saxophonist Lemuel Siddons (Fred MacMurray) leaves the music scene behind him and becomes their new scout leader. His love of kids soon captures the attention of Vida Downey (Vera Miles) and a happy romance ensues.
Classics , Comedy , Drama , Kids & Family , Musical & Performing Arts
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MCA Universal Home Video


Fred MacMurray
as Lemuel Siddons
Vera Miles
as Vida Downey
Lillian Gish
as Hetty Seibert
Charlie Ruggles
as John Everett Hughes
Elliott Reid
as Ralph Hastings
Kurt Russell
as Whitey
Luana Patten
as Nora White
Ken Murray
as Melody Murphy
Donald May
as Edward White Jr.
Sean McClory
as Edward White Sr.
Steve Franken
as P.O.W. Lieutenant
Parley Baer
as Mayor Hi Plommer
William Reynolds
as Hoodoo Henderson as a Man
Craig Hill
as Leo, as a Man
Tol Avery
as Dr. Ferris
John Zaremba
as Ralph's Lawyer
Madge Blake
as Cora Anderson
Carl Reindel
as Tank Captain
Hank Brandt
as Frankie Martin, as a Man
Tim McIntire
as Corporal
Willie Soo Hoo
as Quong Lee, as a Man
Tony Regan
as Hetty's Lawyer
Jimmy Murphy
as P.O.W. Soldier
Adam Williams
as P.O.W. Sergeant
Dean Moray
as Hoodoo Henderson
Keith Taylor
as Beefy Smith
Ricky Kelman
as Frankie Martin
Gregg Shank
as Mickey Doyle
Kit Lloyd
as Oliver
Ronnie Dapo
as Tiger
Dennis Rush
as Jimmy
Warren Hsieh
as Quong Lee
Gregor Vigen
as Ronnie Larsen
Colyer Dupont
as Scout at Cliff
Dean Bradshaw
as Scouts in War Game
Chris Mason Johnson
as Scouts in War Game
Johnny Bangert
as Scouts in War Game
George Raft
as Tony West
Vera Zorina
as Gloria
Charles Grapewin
as Nick West
Charles Butterworth
as Louie Fairweather
Ramsay Ames
as Laura
Regis Toomey
as Dr. Jim Henderson
George Macready
as Walter Bruce
Theodore von Eltz
as William Barrett
Janet Shaw
as Telephone Operator
Jan Wiley
as Telephone Operator
Frank Jenks
as Chick Doyle
Molly Lamont
as Secretary
Mack Gray
as Lt. Reynolds
Ralph Meredith
as Blind Soldier in MacDonald Number
John Estes
as Patient
Ralph Gardner
as Patient in Leg Cast in MacDonald Number
Doris Lloyd
as Nurse
Charles D. Brown
as Col. Starrett
Nelson Leigh
as Bull Fiddler
Lane Chandler
as Ship's Officer
Frank LaRue
as Mailman
Tony Marsh
as Officer
Stanley Andrews
as Australian Officer
William Benedict
as Joe, a Soldier
Leslie Denison
as Reporter
Leyland Hodgson
as Australian Reporter
Bill Healy
as Ship's Officer
Ralph Dunn
as Loomis
William 'Billy' Benedict
as Joe, a Soldier
Grandon Rhodes
as Guild Member
Edwin Stanley
as Film Director
Roy Darmour
as Assistant Director
Carl Vernell
as Dance Director
Wallis Clark
as HVC Committee Man
Richard Crane
as Marine Officer
Frank Wilcox
as Army Doctor
John Whitney
as Soldier
Walter Tetley
as Soldier
Joel Allen
as Soldier
Mel Schubert
as Soldier
Steve Wayne
as Soldier
Charles King
as Soldier
Carey Harrison
as Colonel
Cyril Ring
as Life Staffer
Steve Brodie
as Australian Pilot
Clyde Cook
as Stooge
Bobby Barker
as Soldier in Fields' Routine
Tom Hanlon
as Announcer
Odessa Lauren
as Telephone Operator
Nancy Brinckman
as Telephone Operator
Bob Ashley
as Jitterbug
Lennie Smith
as Jitterbug
Don Kramer
as Soldier
Allan Cooke
as Soldier
Luis Torres
as Soldier
as Soldier
John Duane
as Soldier
Ed Browne
as Soldier
Clair Freeman
as Soldier
Bill Meader
as Soldier
Eddie Kover
as Soldier
George "Shorty" Chirello
as Welles' Assistant
Nick Stewart [Nicodemus]
as Lt. Reynolds, USAF
George Eldredge
as Submarine Officer
Linda Brent
as Magic Maid
Janice Gay
as Magic Maid
Jane Smith
as Magic Maid
Marjorie Fectean
as Magic Maid
Doris Brenn
as Magic Maid
Rosemary Battle
as Magic Maid
Lolita Leighter
as Magic Maid
Mary Rowland
as Magic Maid
Eleanor Counts
as Magic Maid
Bill Wolfe
as Man in Zoot Suit in Fields' Routine
Anthony Warde
as Captain
Dennis Moore
as HVC Officer
Martin Ashe
as Man in Office
Howard Hickman
as Dr. Wood
Jack Wegman
as Mayor
Billy Wayne
as Soldier
Dick Nelson
as Sergeant
Franklin Parker
as Man in Office
Bill Dyer
as Messenger Boy
Genevieve Bell
as Mother in Montage
Jeanette MacDonald
as Herself - Guest Star
Marlene Dietrich
as Herself - Guest Star
Dinah Shore
as Herself - Guest Star
Donald O'Connor
as Himself - Guest Star
Orson Welles
as Himself - Guest Star
Peggy Ryan
as Herself - Guest Star
W.C. Fields
as Himself - Guest Star
Artur Rubinstein
as Himself - Guest Star
Sophie Tucker
as Herself - Guest Star
Maria Montez
as Herself
Susanna Foster
as Herself
Robert Paige
as Himself
Alan Curtis
as Himself
Lon Chaney Jr
as Himself
Gloria Jean
as Herself
Andy Devine
as Himself
Turhan Bey
as Himself
Evelyn Ankers
as Herself
Noah Beery Jr.
as Himself
Louise Beavers
as Herself
Clarence Muse
as Himself
Peter Coe
as Himself
Nigel Bruce
as Himself
Thomas Gomez
as Himself
Martha O'Driscoll
as Martha O'Driscoll
Lois Collier
as Herself
Elyse Knox
as Herself
Randolph Scott
as Himself
Howard C. Hickman
as Dr. Wood (uncredited)
Walter Abel
as Walter Abel (uncredited)
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Audience Reviews for Follow Me, Boys!

Solid, Heartwarming, and an absolute delight, with the main character a gentleman, not an indecent scumbag.

Dr. PieXD
Dr. PieXD

Sentimental Disney film is cute but overlong. (P.S. The Rotten Tomatoes synopsis is for the 1944 musical, which had absolutely nothing to do with this film.)

Michael Troudt
Michael Troudt

Story: A musician named Lem Siddons takes a job as a clerk in a general store. While at the same time instilling values in the local boys, becomes scoutmaster for the local boy scout troop, troop 1. Later on the boys stumble upon a war game and Lem is mistaken for a war spy and treated as a POW. I'll let you see what happens next. Characters: The entire cast was great and well acted. also, the main character is played by Kurt Russel. Humor: Even though this is a drama, it has a few funny scenes, but not much. Overall: Follow Me, Boys! is a classic and heartwarming family drama. If you're looking a good movie to watch with your wife and children, you should check this one out!

Ethan Horn
Ethan Horn

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