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      Food Evolution Reviews

      Mar 13, 2023

      I found this interesting and personally have no problem with GMOs. I'm a gardener and understand there have been people breeding food plants for eons. However, I also found watching this felt uncomfortable. The cheerleading exercise for Monsanto was a clear bias the producers of this documentary were not able to overcome with any sort of balanced perspective. I prefer to plant and grow open pollinated varieties of food plants. I choose to create a balanced garden of native plants, ornamentals for pollinators, food plants of many types with a focus on those which produce perennially in my growing zone. I believe the best chance for future generations is to establish food forests all over the globe and return to foraging for a lot of our food. Eating seasonal and locally while increasing the diversity of food plants we are able to consume is the key to successful food security while also having th3 potential to save a lot of our biodiversity.

      Apr 22, 2018

      The best objective documentary regarding the GMO debate ever made.

      Mar 19, 2018

      Excellent film that presents both sides of the GMO issue, but then lays out the scientific facts that the general public isn't being given by those trying to demonize the technology and use fear to push an agenda.

      Nov 27, 2017

      Farmer here that has been using gmo seeds for many years. I highly recommend. I made an account just to leave a review for this movie. This is the most accurate documentary on food production I have seen thus far. No fear mongering, just facts. This movie does have an agenda, like any documentary but I felt they were respectful in the way they showed the opposition and the agenda was not overpowering. I appreciated the science based information and Neil deGrass Tyson adds to the credibility.

      Sep 29, 2017

      I cannot recommend it enough, especially to anyone interested in science and concerned with food, health, and the environment. Among a number of food fear/fad related documentaries being promoted lately, it's refreshing to finally find one that I can get behind. Food Evolution is laser-focused on objective science, and impressively it explains the truth without slinging mud against opponents, but instead respectfully highlighting that we actually all share common goals and charitably representing their representatives' arguments. Nice bonus that it's narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson; you so rarely disappoint me, NDT.

      Sep 9, 2017

      As a scientist in this field, it's about time that the science got a say in this debate. It's always heartbreaking to see such a powerful technology go to waste because of misunderstanding. Food Evolution does an amazing job of telling both sides of the story, while also making sure to give the facts behind the issues. This should be a required viewing for anyone trying to make informed decisions on the foods that they eat.

      Aug 30, 2017

      Very good documentary on GMOs. Also does a pretty good job explaining why its difficult for some to accept scientific consensus.

      Aug 27, 2017

      I had no option to give this propaganda exercise a 0. I have documented 20 lies in this film. Film makers selectively edit, ignore legit and obvious lines of inquiry, and do what Kevin Folta himself described as a "hatchet job" on Dr. Benbrook. Want facts on GE? Won't find them here. Food systems views and not food science views are required to understand full critique of GE.

      Aug 15, 2017

      Extremely well done - entertaining, informative, and powerful.

      Aug 6, 2017

      Anti GMO stance is left's version of climate change denial. We need more documentaries like this. Something rooted on fact and not opinion.

      Jul 19, 2017

      This is propaganda for the pesticide industry. Many of those interviewed to represent the "other side," including Michael Pollan, now say that the film misrepresnts them. Don't fall for it. Look for the Vice article about the making of this film and how the filmmakers are now viciously going after anyone who points this out.

      Jul 17, 2017

      Food Evolution is an incredible documentary exploring the heated issue of GMO food safety. Since the entrance of GMOs onto the market, they have sparked controversy accompanied by much misinformation. This is well documented in polls by the large disparity between scientific opinion (that they are safe) and public opinion (that they are not). Many documentaries have tried to tackle these issues, but have often failed to really grasp or present the complexity of the science and societal impact that they can and have had. Food Evolution is a refreshing take, looking at the issue from the science to the activism that it sparks, letting farmers, scientists, and activists carry the story along the way. It is an engrossing film, one I wish more documentaries tackling big scientific issues would model themselves after. No matter what your view point, this movie is an essential must-see in grasping the issues of GMOs.

      Jul 13, 2017

      Thoughtful and well reasoned documentary about the GMO debate. It gave (too much) time to the organic side, showing how their argument was always based on feelings and bad science. The peer reviewed data always sided with science. Organic, anti-GMO is the left's version of climate change, ignoring science because it doesn't fit their world view.

      Jul 10, 2017

      Food evolution was inspiring and eye opening! Definitely one to watch!

      Jul 10, 2017

      So boring and not engaging at all. Seems like a propaganda movie paid for by GMO industry.

      Jul 9, 2017

      This film is a welcome oasis of reason in a desert of nonsense and fear mongering when it comes to documentaries about food politics in general and GMOs in particular. They do a great job weaving together three stories - the GMO ban in Hawaii, the dire need for wilt resistant banana in Uganda, and the Intelligence Squared debate in NYC - with interviews with real scientists and experts, contrasted with many of the key charlatans in the anti-GMO movement. The film asks a great question: When was the last time you changed your mind?

      Jul 9, 2017

      My problem with GMOs is they aren't designed for drought tolerance or other natural phenomenon facing crops, simply, 80% of all GMOs grown worldwide are engineered for herbicide tolerance (primarily Roundup). In the French University of Caen study, Roundup was found to be 125 times more toxic than simple Glyphosate. In addition, U.N. data shows that using GMO crops does NOT increase yields. So other than profiting Monsanto, what is the benefit?

      Jul 7, 2017

      Loved it. A documentary based on facts, not fear.

      Jul 5, 2017

      Outstanding science-based look at genetically enhanced food. I saw this last week, and it was a refreshing and science-based look at a topic that has so far been given only the "evil corporations want to kill you" treatment. This documentary correctly demonstrates how genetic engineering has saved several crops, and promises to save more, if the forces of anti-science can be kept at bay. This movie was independently produced, and is beholden to no industry. It simply presents the actual science.

      Jul 2, 2017

      I'm a scientist that has studied recombinant DNA technology and its use to make crops and medicines for over 30 years. Over that time I've wanted horrible, scientifically dead films like Genetic Roulette and GMO OMG, which were made to scare- not educate. Food Evolution doesn't do much educating and preaching. This is a documentary that followed the happenings around the controversies of crop genetic engineering (GMO) when they were commissioned to develop the film. The main stories take place in Hawaii and Uganda, where technology is shown to help small-holder farmers, something activists claim does not happen. The whole time the camera gives time to opponents and supportive scientists alike, giving everyone enough time to state their cases-- which works out better for the scientists usually. The film has been touted as "Agrichemical Industry Propaganda" in many reviews, which is laughable. The story follows how technology can help people, showing papaya and banana successes. That's not corporations, those are people. As a scientist it makes me feel good to finally see a food/farming/technology film that passes the test of science. At the same time, it makes me sad to be reminded that people stand in the way of technology that can help people and the planet. I interviewed the director and producer on the Talking Biotech podcast ( ), they discuss the process, funding, and other details.

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