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February 29, 2008
This is just like the books that were made!
February 25, 2008
My favorite Aussie film! You gotta watch it!
February 20, 2008
Its this New Zealand agriculture thang plus I love Murray Balls works. The music is also classic Aotearoa Dave Dobyn and Herbs. Rangi is the man hes the coolest character in the film. Wal surprised me with that dance sequence with Cheeky classic dancing in the rain New Zealand styles. BRO TOWN is not far away watch for the movie. Billy T James great to hear the old voice blessings and peace whanau.
January 6, 2008
Classic film about man and dog, and cat the beats crap out of anything!
December 21, 2007
CLASSIC! Thank god one classic comic got a classic movie...
December 15, 2007
This movie is awesome. It's got a great Kiwi feel to it and all the characters of footrot flats comic strip are brought to life in this film. Everyone did a fantastic job.
November 8, 2007
Loved it. Love the comics. As an Aussie, I assume this is the standard lifestyle of country New Zillunders eh?
November 6, 2007
"If there's a bird behind me Murphy he's probably gonna bite me in the prickle!"
November 5, 2007
Freakin Classic!!! Will NEVER get sick of this film!
October 19, 2007
When you find yourself still quoting a film 20 years after you saw it in a Mornington cinema, you know it's got something going for it. It didn't matter that most voice characters were from the wrong side of the Tasman, it did a fair job of recreating the ambiance of the famous Murray Ball comic strip. This film inspired my AFL shouts of "somebody kick somebody!", all huge cats to be named Horse and a standard response to all dogs with "Woof woof bloody woof woof woof!" Pure gold, really.
½ October 16, 2007
Mate im aussie and as hard as this to say, im with the N.Z's on this one!! total classic, cant get enough! 'If there was a bird behind me Murphy it'l probably bite me on the freckle,OUCH!!
½ October 12, 2007
Can't go past a kiwi classic.
October 6, 2007
John Clarke will forever be Wal Footrot, because of this film. Good fun.
½ September 23, 2007
One of NZ's best exports. Loved the comics. Loved the movie. Topped off by Dave Dobbyn's musical touch.
August 29, 2007
If you dug the strip, you'll dig this
August 18, 2007
Watched this again recently, probably didn't enjoy it as much as when I was a kid, but still worth a look
August 10, 2007
One of NZ's favourite cartoon characters thrown onto the big screen. Plenty of local music too sing along with too. Haven't seen it since it came out but probably worth catching with the kids.
½ July 31, 2007
Excellent big-screen adaptation of the comic strip, totally faithful to its storylines. Clarke is perfect as the voice of Footrot, Rowley also seems to suit Dog well. Billy T. James in a bit-part. Memorable not so much for the plot but the Dave Dobbyn song, ‘Slice of Heaven’.
July 14, 2007
Yep. I'm completely biased. Do something about it. This movie is pure, glorious nostalgia to me. When I was a kid I think I went through two or three copies of this on video.
June 21, 2007
Still luveded it even if the sound had dated quite a bit. Funnily enough I could still remember bits of it from seeing it when I was a wee lil ankle biter...
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