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May 8, 2014
Under the confident direction of Sam Raimi, Mr. Costner gives a restrained but emotionally accessible performance.
January 2, 2011
An old-fashioned Hollywood sports story/romance.
November 26, 2009
Costner and Preston's convincing work together go a long way in keeping the audience interested and involved.
July 21, 2005
For Love of the Game is an entertaining double play: an excellent baseball movie and an even better love story.
April 9, 2005
Costner and company do a fine job getting you into the head of an aging sports idol at a pivotal moment in his life.
January 27, 2005
*For Love of the Game continually pushes its luck past the breaking point.
June 6, 2003
While For Love of the Game has much to recommend it, particularly Costner's strong, understated performance, Raimi throws too many unnecessary curves.
May 20, 2003
Unabashedly sentimental (try saying the title with a straight face), this is a touching story of a man at the end of a great career and the beginning of a great relationship. Repeat after me: Great date movie.
November 7, 2002
Costner baseball flick is great at motion, not so hot at emotion.
June 5, 2002
Even the most adamant purists of the game will appreciate the utter flawlessness of the choreography, which is arguably the most realistic in the history of the genre.
April 3, 2002
Despite a creaky moment or two, it's an entertaining star vehicle that works as both an engrossing competition movie and a poignant love story.
March 4, 2002
A heart-affecting midlife drama.
December 10, 2001
Costner's third baseball film is a big sloppy wet kiss to American's favourite pastime.
February 14, 2001
Those who have even a small soft spot for baseball's soothing rhythms will be hard-pressed to resist it.
January 1, 2001
This is a highly complex film, with multiple flashbacks to different points in Chapel's life, but director Sam Raimi manages to hold it all together, showing us that it all comes down to just one decision.
January 1, 2000
It's hard not to admire Kevin Costner for his stanch dedication to making old-fashioned movies that defy our acidic modern world.
January 1, 2000
January 1, 2000
The perfect "compromise" movie.
January 1, 2000
The outcome of the game is fairly predictable, but still quite thrilling, as all good sports movies are, and the casting of real-life announcer Vin Scully as the play-by-play man was pure genius.
January 1, 2000
gradually pulls you from that slouched near-sleep position to the edge of the bleachers
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