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December 22, 2016
Interesting documentary.
½ October 12, 2016
fantastically insightful documentary that really strips back the main arguments around the churches view on being gay. looking at the often quoted but not regularly understood passages around this issue are really fascinating.
July 9, 2016
I always found religious documentaries interesting. Whether they're pro-religion or anti-religion, there's always something interesting going on and this one is no different. For The Bible Tells Me So is a documentary about gay people and how the church acts towards them and vice versa. I found this to be a very depressing movie. The main focus is a couple of religious families who have gay children. There is one especially heartbreaking story where the mother didn't approve of her daughter being gay so she said quite a lot of mean stuff to her which led to the girl taking her own life! That really got to me, it was truly disturbing. There aren't only depressing stories, though. My most favourite family was the one who actually accepted their son for being gay and even started this group to show how gay people aren't abominations. They truly love their son and even if they're religious, they accepted him for who he was even though at first they were shocked and didn't know how to handle it. In the end, the love of their son won and it was just beautiful to see how they supported him. The movie also focuses on why church doesn't approve of gay people and how they tried to "cure" gay children, which was horrible. Some parents sent their kids to the psychiatrist because they feared they children would go to Hell. Which is just ridiculous, you can't cure what isn't a disease/illness. It's awful how they treated these kids. To end this review on a happier note, the movie also showed us how the Church got its first ever gay bishop and I loved how other reverends and bishops talked about him, how they supported this, how it was a step in the right direction for Church. All in all, a terrific documentary that shows some really important things considering the Church and gay people. I would highly recommend checking this movie out.
July 8, 2016
The movie should be titled For Leftist Liars Told Me So -- the entire run of tripe is 100% anti-Gospel and agenda-based dishonesty.
½ April 30, 2016
Pretty great movie, very eye-opening. I wish more conservatives could see this film so they could stop hating. The movie was very good. There was a time towards the middle where it lost my attention, but that only lasted about 15 minutes. The movie shows that someone's beliefs can change over time, in many good ways.
½ August 9, 2015
I love documentaries.

I love the sections of this movie from what it tells about families dealing with children that have homosexual sexual orientations. The confusion and the anxiety of parents dealing with something no one is prepared for is incredibly lovely. The unconditional love and wisdom from most of these parents gives me so much hope.

It sorrows me how unwilling Christians often are to confront and engage in meaningful dialogue. Yes, modern Christianity sucks, Christians don't know anything about their own religious text. It is an indictment against the failure of the Church to teach, and to ably apply texts beyond concepts.

That being said, the interviews feel incredibly selective and unnatural. In selecting Gene Robinson and Desmond Tutu as well as every single liberal scholar from the past century, it just non-chalantly dismisses centuries of scholarly thought and just uses relatively new textual criticism that has only developed over the past century. It holds as much water as Pentecostal theology, and the selection of people that the documentary has chosen to interview is akin to a production from the History Channel.

When the only conservative, voice is an African-American minister who still calls gay people "f---t", the naturalistic elements of the documentary is minimalized. For me, I'm not particularly represented by Gene Robinson, or the fanatic dick-heads of WBC, I feel kind of lost here by the dialectic they have falsely created. This is somewhat manifested in the cartoon segment in the middle which I found incredibly condescending.
April 16, 2015
Well it's a step in the right direction. First off the bible was written back when ppl still acted barbaric towards one another. I mean we are a civilized ppl now. The only difference between me a straight white male and a lesbian black woman is just that. I believe religion has more good to give to ppl than bad but this documentary asks is it worth it? In the long run who knows but when ppl commit suicide, or are viciously beaten to death by "the word of god" than it's a huge problem. This film shows you it's ok to be gay and love god all the same.

P.S. I don't believe in god or any religion, but I feel it's a crucial part in society that can't be completely wiped away. It just needs to be reworked to accommodate everyone as a whole. 5/5 piece of pizza forget about it.
February 24, 2015
The Bible doesn't teach that homosexuality is a sin. Do you disagree? Watch this film. Watch this film, and then share it with everyone you know who disagrees as well. It's not an activist-oriented left wing film that screams at you in order to change your mind. Instead, it educates. Quietly, simply, and with love.
February 23, 2015
A truly blood-boiling and heart-breaking film that shines a very bright light on the hypocrisy that plagues conservative Christianity and underlies the religion as a whole. The film makes incredibly evident the fact that prejudice and hatred still exist and are supported by the selective reading of one book.
November 14, 2014
The DVD street date is 2/19/2008
October 11, 2014
Amazing how Christians are the worst about judging! Not our right!!!
September 16, 2014
Moving and fascinating look between religion and homosexuality.
July 16, 2014
I think if the Bible is causing all these problems then they should just throw away the bible. The innate message that is suppose to be spread is to love and to support one another and be good humans. People use the bible to preach whatever message they want to preach, I would say its the main problem with the book is that its up to interpretation no matter what you want to say therefor, it can be used as a weapon. I always thought that religious people tend to be the most judgmental and I think that really has to do with the fact that the bible is used to keep hate alive.

Basically, when it comes to someones sexual orientation I think we all need to mind our own business. What is more important than anything else is that we find the person that we love and we live our time on this earth happily with them. What they do in the bedroom is their business and no one has any authority to judge if that is right or wrong. Worry about yourself.

The world would be a lot happier and we would get along a lot better if we stopped trying to control what others do when it really has no effect to our day to day lives,

I think people who are ignorant of homosexuality believe that if they accept it that it will spread and that no one will procreate any more and gays will out number straight people and the world will be ruined.... a little dramatic don't you think?

All that being said this movie is one that is good to watch with someone that you can talk about the issues as you watch it. Obviously have it be a person that you can have those kind of conversations with but it makes for a good evening of serious topic conversation. Definitely a topic with a lot of heat under it that can get you fired up. Decent
½ June 7, 2014
This movie gives two side of the argument. These two sides however give a very black-and-white perspective on the matter.
½ June 4, 2014
It starts out pretty one-sided, but ends up right where it should.
June 3, 2014
For the Bible tells me so is an eye opening documentary, looking at the conflicts between homosexuality and Christianity. Though most viewers by now will probably have a decent understanding of the Christian views on homosexuality, I believe most won't realize how the negative views truly impact those who are "different". The documentary looks at the moving stories of homosexual individuals and their families, which adds a personal touch and leaves the viewer with a sort of guilt, that their own society is treating people in such a way. The documentary is shocking to say the least. It throws mind boggling statistics, one that stood out to me was that in 1967, 2/3 Americans look upon homosexuals with disgust, discomfort, or fear and that 1/10 says hatred, as well as heart wrenching stories about individuals who were so desperate for acceptance, married their opposite sex despite the fact they were gay. I do consider it to be a lengthy documentary and it could've dragged along, however the diverse and interesting content kept it moving. It thoroughly expressed the Bible and the Christian views on homosexuality, and is both insightful and informative. I think it's a film that everyone should see as it gives a whole new perspective to what the bibles says.
June 3, 2014
I really enjoyed this movie, and found it pretty interesting. I thought it was very effective in how they in the beginning would show all of the anti gay opinions, and then go on to show how they really do not hold up as an argument. I also was kinda shocked at how much hate, and anger the bishop had received because he was gay, especially since christianity is a religion that accepts everyone. Another thing that they did well was show how these very religious family's acted in response to finding out their children were gay, and how when all the anger and abuse happens to someone you love it completely changes your view. I also liked how they would go on the street and get ever ones opinions on the topic
June 3, 2014
As a teenager that has grown up not only in a Catholic family but also in a society that portrays the issue of homosexuality as controversial, I found this movie extremely eye opening and interesting. Within the first few minutes of the movie, there was a quote that really stuck out to me: "This country is doing everything it can to make it seem like it is okay to be gay, and it's not." When I heard this I was shocked. How could someone say something so harsh and horrible? Throughout the movie, there were several families with a homosexual son or daughter. Most of the parents mentioned that when their child came out, they referred to the Bible. Leviticus 20:13 states, "If a man also lie with man and a woman also lie with woman, both of them are committing an abomination. They shall be put to death, their blood is upon them." Despite the fact that I am apart of the Catholic community, I had never once before heard of this verse. I feel as though the church portrays homosexuality as a sin that should be punished with death. I find this ridiculous. Overall, I thought this movie was intriguing and gave a new perspective on homosexuality (interviews of Christian parents of homosexuals) that I had never seen before.
June 2, 2014
For the Bible tells me so is an interesting documentary concerning the harsh realities that families face when a child comes out as homosexual. The documentary provides for some insightful thoughts on the topic but suffers from being very one-sided.
½ May 2, 2014
Must watch for every Christian.
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