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Divine Intervention lifts the burden of Original Sin from a conservative and devoutly religious North Carolina family, but not everyone in their cookie cutter suburban neighborhood is entirely thrilled with the once-reserved family's sudden about face. The Franklins are your stereotypical Americans, passionless and painfully repressed. Father Frank is a successful lawyer, and mother Betty tends to the home while son Brian is leading the high school football team to victory and daughter Caroline is cheering on the players from the sidelines. Not one of the Franklins is genuinely contented in the roles they play or the façade they put forward, yet they still continue with the same grueling game day after monotonous day. Then, one afternoon, the Franklins are involved in a violent car crash: Frank, Betty, and Brian all lapse into a deep coma as a result of the trauma, yet shaken Caroline somehow manages to escape serious injury. Upon emerging from their collective coma, Frank, Betty, and Brian begin to lead their lives without shame - much to the horror of uptight daughter Caroline. Caroline is completely repulsed by her family's newfound sense of sexual liberation, and the traditionally minded members of their community openly share her sense of deep disgust. It isn't long before tensions in the neighborhood begin to rise, leading to a conclusion that will forever alter the way we perceive small town America.
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    R (for strong sexual content including a scene of aberrant intimacy, graphic nudity, frank dialogue and some language)
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Vince Pavia
as Brian Franklin
Teresa Willis
as Betty Franklin
Robertson Dean
as Frank Franklin
as Caroline Franklin

Critic Reviews for Forgiving the Franklins

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Black comedy doesn't get much clumsier than Jay Floyd's Forgiving the Franklins.

Full Review… | February 7, 2006
Top Critic

If ever there was a man destined to (eventually) take the reins of shock suburban cinema from the aforementioned Waters, Jay Floyd is it.

May 13, 2008

This dark comedy seems to be poking fun at the religious fundamentalists, but there's also an underlying message about living your life without shame, being who you are, and even about faith.

Full Review… | May 4, 2006

Floyd does provide some huge laughs along the way but loses all potential for poignancy by never getting past what eventually becomes a one-joke premise.

Full Review… | March 8, 2006

Audience Reviews for Forgiving the Franklins


A random Netflix Instant find, and it was great. I can honestly say that this movie changed my life. I've never seen another movie like it, both stylistically and content-wise. I was never sure if it was supposed to be funny or what, but I didn't care. I loved it.

Matt Kendrick
Matt Kendrick

If you are easily offended by art that attacks organized religion then this is not for you....or maybe it is! One particular scene stands out in this clever, insightful film. The Franklins a very devout family is involved in a serious car accident and during the shared coma 3 of the members experience they come upon Jesus in an open field and he is chopping down a large cross. When they ask why he is chopping down the symbol of the Catholic church he says, " this was my burden to was not ever intended to be yours. This cross finally falls and Jesus reaches into all 3 of their souls and removes all of the mumbo jumbo the church has instilled in each of them. With a wonderful look of release and calm the Franklins realize the way they have been instructed to live their lives within unrealistic and controling manipulations of the truth. As they leave the lord he is seen gazing over the vast landscape as crosses start to pop up all over the valley. Christ says " No matter how I try, these things just keep coming back like weeds". Funny, laugh out loud stuff in this well done indie jewel. Give it a look and maybe it will begin to " Set you Free ".

ken karlson
ken karlson

Amateurish, horribly acted, and awkwardly edited "comedy" about a conservative Christian family who is transformed into a liberated, liberal family by a car crash, drawing the ire of their uptight, conservative friends. The religious right is a group ripe with material to satirize, but this sub-TV movie quality disaster is NOT the way to do it. An insipid, ridiculous bore.

Matthew Lucas
Matthew Lucas

Super Reviewer

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