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March 20, 2013
I love this movie. I roared with laughter and cried as well. On top of that the film has stuck with me over time in a profound way. FTF is inspired in the truest sense.
½ January 30, 2011
Very well made flick. A lot of artistic layers at work, here.
October 7, 2010
this dark twisted comedy was right up my alley...its on netflix instant play, check it out! ;)
February 20, 2010
Very different movie. Gives a new perspective to an old issue. Movie made me laugh out loud a few times and was truly my kind of film. I know this movie is not for everyone, but it does make a lot of good points about what it means to be "christian" in today's society. The movie goes to certain extremes to make a point but in the end these exaggerations are necessary. One of my favorite scenes was when they met Jesus and he was chopping down crucifixes explaining how the symbol has become a tool for greed and how this family needs to live their lives instead of being uptight and narrow minded.

Everyone around the family can't take the "new" Franklins and their new attitude to church, religion, sex, and life. Watch this film if you dare, but know that the subject matter will probably offend most people.

The ending was a bit of a surprise, but not too far off. It goes to show the hypocrisy and unwillingness for others to accept what they can't understand.
½ October 31, 2009
A random Netflix Instant find, and it was great. I can honestly say that this movie changed my life. I've never seen another movie like it, both stylistically and content-wise. I was never sure if it was supposed to be funny or what, but I didn't care. I loved it.
August 11, 2009
Very stiff acting with a very weird script. Didn't know whether it wanted the audience to laugh at religion or laugh at being super liberal. Tried to shock us at points, but the acting was so much like an Enzyte commercial featuring smiling Bob. I think it was interesting?
½ June 18, 2009
Nothing like a good Christian bashing movie to lift your spirits lol... Quite funny actually especially when the parents have sex - I won't ruin it, you'll have to watch it to see how interesting & yet awkward it is haha..
It sort of affirms Christianity, however, apparently our friendly God Botherers have got it all wrong :)

Oh & if God & all that exists, well I guess I'm screwed for writing this lol...
½ May 25, 2009
This movie was dumb and stupid and should have never been made. Waste of time.
April 11, 2009
If you are easily offended by art that attacks organized religion then this is not for you....or maybe it is! One particular scene stands out in this clever, insightful film. The Franklins a very devout family is involved in a serious car accident and during the shared coma 3 of the members experience they come upon Jesus in an open field and he is chopping down a large cross. When they ask why he is chopping down the symbol of the Catholic church he says, " this was my burden to was not ever intended to be yours. This cross finally falls and Jesus reaches into all 3 of their souls and removes all of the mumbo jumbo the church has instilled in each of them. With a wonderful look of release and calm the Franklins realize the way they have been instructed to live their lives within unrealistic and controling manipulations of the truth. As they leave the lord he is seen gazing over the vast landscape as crosses start to pop up all over the valley. Christ says " No matter how I try, these things just keep coming back like weeds". Funny, laugh out loud stuff in this well done indie jewel. Give it a look and maybe it will begin to " Set you Free ".
½ March 4, 2009
Although suffering from poor acting and inadequate writing, it is a lovely movie with a great message about religious intolerance. Light and clever, it nonetheless says a lot.
½ February 9, 2009
I understand what they're trying to say and in theory the premise could have been very funny and thought-provoking rather than merely pretentious and (ironically) preachy.
February 6, 2009
I love a good religious satire. I hate this movie. Watch Religulous instead.
February 5, 2009
Admittedly this film is going for an amateur feel, but it just went too over-the-top at times. I still think it's a fun watch, but maybe not for the right reasons.
January 6, 2009
The acting wasn't great and the film had a slightly amateur feel throughout, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a big mix of very dry comedy and compelling thought. Unlike many films satirizing the religious right, "Forgiving the Franklins" does not condemn religion itself. Christ makes an appearance in the film, but as a muscular, tattooed man in a mesh tank-top. Theology (and production values) aside, however, the film is capturing and one of the more thought-provoking films I have seen.
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½ September 8, 2008
Amateurish, horribly acted, and awkwardly edited "comedy" about a conservative Christian family who is transformed into a liberated, liberal family by a car crash, drawing the ire of their uptight, conservative friends. The religious right is a group ripe with material to satirize, but this sub-TV movie quality disaster is NOT the way to do it. An insipid, ridiculous bore.
September 2, 2008
An odd, awkward quirky and completely off-beat indie gem of sorts. Past the lame acting, bordering-on-bad soundtrack and plain weird camera works, there is a brilliant script here that not only challenges the obvious absurdities of religious extremities but the hypocritical high moral and social nuances we are so quick to claim ourselves to be everyday.
August 16, 2008
An abysmal attempt to poke fun at evangelicals and their abhorrent behavior of controlling every aspect of ones life. Badly acted. The premise was a god one yet it ultimately failed due to poor production values and a poor script.
August 6, 2008
more like forgiving the filmmakers. i was left with this is really weird, and the daughter has great hair, but why does she sleep with full makeup on?
½ July 9, 2008
The acting in this movie is pretty bad, but besides that the point it's trying to make (about religious extremism) is addressed slightly at the very beginning and then ignored until the end. Unless you really have time to kill I'd pass on this film.
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