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The Forsaken Quotes

  • Sean: Like father, like son.
    Nick: Shit, I hope not. My mom told me my dad was a cross-dressing Marine drill sargeant.

  • Kit: I've got an opening for a new girlfriend. What do you say?
    Megan: Fuck you!
    Kit: Oh, attitude. I like that in a girl.

  • Sean: Yea, who gave you the right to play god with her life?
    Nick: Hey, this all about survival of the fittest! You don't learn that and you are going to die... or worse...

  • Kit: Come to daddy, boys!

  • Sean: He's been a very bad boy, Nick.

  • Cym: Look, I don't know why you can't just let this girl go.
    Kit: Never mind that and just keep driving.
    Cym: Well, why do you have to keep pursuing her.
    Kit: It's unfinished business.

  • Cym: Time to die, cowboy.

  • Sean: So what's your deal, what do you do?
    Nick: As little as possible.
    Sean: yea... but you gotta make money, you work?
    Nick: I cruise, you know. I find something when I need to, kind of like the day to day thing.
    Sean: What about the future? What do you wanna be doing say uh... ten years from now?
    Nick: I don't give a shit... I could be dead tomorrow.

  • Nick: Here. My treat. You pay. I'm going to go piss.

  • Sean: Oh fuck! That hit the car!

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