Forty Shades of Blue Reviews

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April 29, 2009
Just more art house malarkey...
June 15, 2007
This plodding mood-piece is as emotionally engaging as a paint catalogue.
October 21, 2006
August 5, 2006
...a sporadically well-acted curiosity.
June 30, 2006
May 11, 2006
Korzun . . . is a non-presence, a brittle facade . . . a sketchy screenplay [adds up to] Zero Depths of Feeling . . . a flat, tasteless, faux-Euromance.
January 12, 2006
"Forty Shades of Blue" might have benefited from a little more honest melodrama, as the film is so subtle at times that it barely registers.
December 16, 2005
Subtle and morose to a fault, in the end it's just Junebug, another Sundance downer, without the heart.
December 6, 2005
November 23, 2005
The characters are going through significant life crises, yet we're given no particular reason to like them or be interested.
October 29, 2005
A so-what time waster.
October 28, 2005
[Sachs] fails to make us care enough about the characters to share their pain.
October 21, 2005
The reasons to watch are the performances by Torn and Korzun, and how Sachs and Rohatyn draw on the actors to paint fascinating portraits [of these characters].
October 13, 2005
Might just as well be called Forty Shades of Boredom.
October 8, 2005
So shallow and abhorrent, one might find themselves trying to think of all the different shades of blue mentioned in the title instead of paying attention to what's going on
October 6, 2005
Hits plenty of wrong notes.
September 29, 2005
Forty Shades of Blue may be praised for bringing an often ignored character into the spotlight. But once she's there, we can guess why she's so often kept in the wings.
March 13, 2005
Despite Torn's always lively presence and a stunning performance from Russian actress Dina Korzun, this is predictable soap opera stuff, served up with such hamfisted self-importance that patience chokes on even a small portion.
February 26, 2005
A movie so contemplative and internal it makes 'Lost in Translation' look like a Schwarzenegger film.
February 5, 2005
It's a sure sign that a film is in trouble when the only character with any presence is a complete jerk.
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