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½ November 15, 2017
One the best documentaries I've seen. Every human being in this planet needs to see this.
August 29, 2017
Both Chomsky and Stiglitz praised Hugo Chavez's policies in Venezuela. How many times does socialism have to fail before documentary makers find something else to talk about?
August 15, 2017
We need more documentaries like this one, questioning the neo-economical western ideals and criticising the currently relevant problems of a voracious globalized planet. The documentary overall has some interestingly relevant criticisms of western culture that has for some reason been set as the standard of living throughout the world in pos-modernist society. Don't take my word for it, please watch the full documentary and form an opinion yourself don't base it on reviews from a website that its ultimate purpose is for moviegoers or movie-watchers to become less adventurous.
February 16, 2017
Overall, well done. Some detail points are disputable - for example, the documentary-makers appear to place the blame for the 2008 housing crisis on Reagen and Thatcher and "deregulation", with no mention of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - an entirely Democrat created double-headed monster. Nonetheless, with its fairly thorough analysis and emphasis the problems of fiat currency, income inequality, bloated world bureaucracies and debt - along with some possible solutions, it is well worth watching. Better to be reviewed, as there is a wealth of material to consider.
½ January 8, 2017
It's on the line of conspiracy film and informational. It was well made and the sources are credible.
½ December 6, 2016
I suspects ones view of this film will be shaped by their level of interest and ideological positions. It fits both in my case. Poor lemmings we are.
February 16, 2015
Perfectly watchable... though it's heavy on theory and light on detail. There's a lot of asserting rather than anybody actually explaining their viewpoints with evidence or examples.
March 1, 2014
Everybody should watch this documentary, a must.
½ February 15, 2014
Quit after 20 minutes.

Nothing but gold-standard pushing gibberish.
November 15, 2013
Engaging if not wholly convincing documentary on the end times we maybe heading into
September 16, 2013
One of the best or even the best documentary of world economics, politics and their (our) problems.
September 10, 2013
A must see documentary for everyone!!!
October 7, 2012
Vital information presented in an entirely accessible fashion. If only more people would see this.
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