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½ December 28, 2015
This movie did not age well at all. The characters may have been relatable back in the early 90s but they are just terrible now. You don't want to care about them at all, especially the main female character. I would advise against wasting your time with this.
½ December 28, 2015
Four Weddings And A Funeral is insufferably cheesy, worsened by annoying performances and a lack of emotional drama.
½ November 29, 2015
HUGE GRANTS. I miss Andie MacDowell, our generation needs an Andi MacDowell.
August 23, 2015
This was a pretty good movie. it didn't stand out as anything special and memorable for me in terms of a romantic comedy. It was amusing and cute, but pretty ordinary.
July 6, 2015
This is one of the rare times where my opinion of the movie is in direct contrast with popular professional review. This film is extremely predictable to begin with, though I understand that surprises or twists aren't number 1 when marking a film well. I thought that the film would compromise with heavy symbolism or fulfilling dialogue. But no the symbolism isn't riveting or interesting! It is probably among the least creative romantic films in cinema history. Every turn is exactly where the audience is pointing to, and maybe the only redeeming quality is the humor which is dry and kept at a minimum for some reason. The acting is done well despite the lack of depth in the script, other than a man who seeks to be better at commitment (the most popular romantic theme since the dawn of cinema).
½ June 24, 2015
Pretty solid, if standard romantic comedy. That typical Hugh Grant awkward but charming persona works undeniably well, and I wanted to see him happy. On the other hand, Andie MacDowell as Carrie was a little lackluster. Not her acting, really, just the character in general. I've picked up on a trend in romantic comedies (and romance movies in general) that I dislike: when a relationship is defined simply by the characters' love for each other, without any real bonding. There were a couple cute scenes between Charles and Carrie, like when she's trying on wedding dresses, and when she's listing all her sexual partners to him (I loved his facial expressions during that scene), but generally they don't really have any real conversations, you know? I think I've just gotten used to this problem in romantic comedies, so this movie doesn't stick out as particularly bad in that regard, but it's just something that always bothers me a bit. I'm rarely that invested in couples in movies like this because they only seem to be in love because they have to be for the story. Still, I did want to see Charles be happy.

One thing I liked was the structure of the movie. It's very clever to base the movie basically around weddings, and the title itself leaves you to speculate about who will be involved in all these weddings and the funeral. It's fitting that the big climax takes place during Charles's wedding, though I couldn't help but be horrified at that scene a little. I mean, I know 'Duckface' wasn't very likable, but I kept putting myself in her shoes and thinking about how much that would suck. And with all the time and planning that went into that wedding, and all the people who are just sitting there eagerly waiting, and it all blows up because the groom is an asshole...

Probably my favorite aspect of the movie was the ensemble cast. There's a real sense of camaraderie between all the friends who show up at all the weddings, and Charles gets small meaningful moments with each of them. I especially liked his conversation with Tom after the funeral; the whole funeral sequence was surprisingly well-done and emotional, partly because John Hannah was excellent as Matthew, and his eulogy was really emotional. I liked the reveal that he and Gareth were partners. I also liked his interactions with his deaf brother, and I liked the witty use of sign language in the climax. Fiona was also an interesting side character, even though her sole subplot kind of made her an object of pity since she loved Charles. Still, I liked their interactions, especially later on, and I personally wouldn't have minded if Charles and Fiona got together, especially because Kristin Scott Thomas was quite the looker.

Overall, this was a breezy, enjoyable romantic comedy with some light comedy ("your awful wedded wife") and some nice moments of friendship. I'm not sure I'll remember it very vividly, but I had fun watching it.
½ June 11, 2015
La storia d'amore che accompagna tutto il film Ŕ classica e si sa benissimo dove andrÓ a parare, ma il film Ŕ indubbiamente impreziosito da uno humor brillante, popolare senza scadere mai troppo.
Un film apprezzabile da tutti, ma nulla di trascendentale
June 8, 2015
While it's only tepid at times, it's sweet and quirky.
June 6, 2015
Four Weddings and a Funeral is a hilarious film that I might need to start watching more films with Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant is really funny in this, having a lot of fun, and the cast are the same way too. The plot is what it is, there are four weddings and a funeral, which make it seem like a play, which I'm fine with. The writing is really good, and I'm surprised that Richard Curtis can create a lot of jokes for a wedding, and make all of the jokes effective. The chemistry between Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell is really good, and I was interested to see what the next wedding is going to be about. Nothing really much to talk for this film, it's just hilarious enough that if people are fans of Hugh Grant, they should check this movie out.
½ May 31, 2015
It has all of the elements of a drab modern romantic comedy that helped make the genre almost unbearable to watch in the nineties, contrary to its popularity with the public. It's presumptuous, virtuous, and enervated. Set in England, Hugh Grant is a British man who falls in love with an American woman (Andie McDowell) during their various gatherings at weddings and a funeral. Life doesn't exist for the vacuous characters outside of these occasions, and marriage is earnestly presented as the key to happiness. This is the prototypical Hugh Grant role, which means he's charming, amusing, irritatingly mannered, and self-conscious. McDowell has a pretty smile but almost no personality. Her role is underwritten and the chemistry between the leads is tepid, so it's difficult to understand why we should care whether they end up together. The script by Richard Curtis has minimal wit and Mike Newell's direction lacks the needed zest. This had the makings of a great farce, but the filmmakers opted for a more straightforward, sentimental approach. These ceremonies are so vapid that being in the casket would be preferable to giving the eulogy. Rowan Atkinson supplies the only real laughs as a novice priest who butchers the nuptial recitation. Kristin Scott Thomas has an affecting moment when she confides her love to Grant. The rest is largely forgettable. With John Hannah, Simon Callow, James Fleet.
May 7, 2015
A bit of a disappointment considering the way I've felt about every other film Richard Curtis has been involved with that I've seen. I didn't find it funny at all and I felt it lacked the heart of a Notting Hill or Love Actually.
April 7, 2015
So this movie beated the 1994 film Pulp Fiction at the BAFT awards and just like the Oscars the BAFTA messed up.

Normally British films to me are kind of an mix bag for me and what I mean is sometimes I will enjoy or be bored by movies from Britain. I don't know why it just happens, and this is coming from a guy who is from Britain. I was a bit shocked when I find out that this movie won best film at BAFTA awards, and to the people who liked this movie more than Titanic that's fine but to me in my personal opinion this movie was okay.

Let's start of with the positive: The acting from everyone was solid and this movie has a great cast.

The movie did make me laugh at times with characters doing whacky things that no normal person would do at a wedding yeah those kind of jokes.

I'm not going to spoil anything but these a scene where there are at this funeral and one of the characters give a sad and kind of moving speech.

Now for things that didn't work for me: I didn't really think this movie is on the level of amazing as some has put it out to be, I'm saying it's bad I honestly think it's just okay.
April 3, 2015
I was bored and barely laughed
½ March 27, 2015
Well, I have always praised British television series. A couple of movies like this one, I might even forgo Hollywood ;)
February 27, 2015
A romantic comedy-drama about a Englishman who meets an American woman over the course of said title. This is Hugh Grant at his most charming and vulnerable. There are some funny moments, some sad moments, but overall a great British movie about finding love.

Grade: A-
February 16, 2015
I'm not sure hwy this is such a cherished rom-com! It has no back story, is quite repetitive and you don't particularly care if Grant & MacDowell end up together - why does he even love her in the first place? Some funny moments, but definitely needed more Atkinson. Not fun or exciting enough - not worth a re-watch!
½ February 9, 2015
Though highly-acclaimed, I had never even heard of Four Weddings And A Funeral until I randomly purchased an old VHS tape of it out of curiosity. Well, I can say that I'm glad that I did because I got an excellent romantic comedy from that random purchase. What makes this film great - among many things - is that manages to successfully blend light-hearted humor with genuine emotion and thoughts about relationships and life itself. It's strange to see a film pull off that sort of feat that would cause most other films of its kind to fall flat on their faces.

The story focuses on an awkward, aloof, and single man named Charles who finds himself invited to four weddings over a period of months. At the first of the weddings, for which he screwed up as best man by forgetting the rings (Instead, novelty rings had to be used), he meets a beautiful American woman named Carrie, whom he ends up having a one night stand with.

The next morning, she jokes to him that since they've had sex, they should get married, which causes Charles to struggle for some sort of answer. After revealing it was a joke, Carrie reveals that she will be going back to America, and the two regret that they could have done something more to keep things going between them.

However, Charles is still enamored by Carrie, and decides to pursue her at the next three weddings which she is a part of, as well as a funeral when one of Charles' friends suddenly dies during one of the weddings.

The story also takes time to focus on Charles' various friends and his run-ins with his ex-girlfriends during these various events, with people falling in love, various shenanigans, and so forth.

While the story can become a bit hectic at times as it tries to balance so many elements and subplots, the story manages to expertly keep them steady most of the time. I also enjoyed how it managed to develop its various characters, even if they were only minor characters. Everyone seemed to have a personality and their own quirky stories behind them. While the humor is rather light-hearted, the story also manages to have a lot to say about life and relationships, giving it some rather unexpected depth. There's a lot here for people who enjoy light-hearted romantic comedies, but also want some meat on their comedies.

While the performances across the board are great, the two leads: Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell are easily the best of the performers. Grant does a great job of playing the awkward Charles believably, while MacDowell does a fantastic job as the strong-willed, sexy Carrie. The two also had great chemistry with each other, making the scenes between them the best aspects of several great aspects of this film. There is not a single weak performance I can think of when it comes to the acting in this film.

When it came to the humor, I was laughing, and laughing hard from the very beginning of the film to the very end. It works as a romantic comedy, a sex comedy, a dramedy, a screwball comedy, a partial slapstick comedy, and other comedy aspects quite well. There's a lot here for a comedy fan to enjoy, if you're into this sort of film.

Four Weddings And A Funeral is an excellent romantic comedy with a great story, great characters, fantastic acting, and hilarious humor all making for a great film. If you love a good romantic comedy, this film is something to pick up because it is a fantastic romantic comedy.
February 2, 2015
This generally light-hearted British rom-com centers around a romantically-inclined commitiphobe who keeps running into an alluring American women at weddings.
January 19, 2015
A romantic comedy that actually has some pretty insightful things to say about love and relationships. At times, it's pretty funny, but always has something interesting to say. Writer Richard Curtis has now become known for his thoughtful romantic comedies, but it all started here with this film about one man coming to terms with commitment and his feelings for one woman. Hugh Grant might be rather insufferable now, but his charming performance here really shows why he became so popular in romantic comedies.

Andie MacDowell is also pretty fantastic in her role as a woman unsure of what she wants out of a relationship. With a great and humorous supporting cast behind them, namely Rowan Atkinson's bumbling priest, Four Weddings and a Funeral has enough of a great ensemble to keep things interesting for the near 120 min run time.

If you're tired of current romantic comedies based on this style of film, than you should really go back and visit the one that started it all. Four Weddings and a Funeral is sweet and charming, and actually rather insightful. You won't be let down by the film.
Super Reviewer
January 13, 2015
This movie, seeing part of Hugh Grant's phase as a bumbling, fumbling fool, probably wouldn't have seemed as annoying in 1994 as it does 20 year after the fact. I honestly am not aware how long he had been doing this up to this point or if this was the start of it. I know he did a lot of period movies prior to this, and after this too. The thing is, while people, including myself, think the act is simply just too simplistic and generic, Hugh Grant has proven to be a really talented actor. He has good comedic timing and when he's given a playboy type role, like in the Bridget Jones' films and About a Boy, he can excel at it. He's still talented as the bumbling fool who stammers a lot in this film, but it's just something that I've seen far to often to truly like anymore. But I digress part of me really liked this film, and I think Brits are the best at making these light, breezy rom-coms, but there's also parts of me that are like 'this is the most British romantic comedy I have ever seen' and not in a good way. I don't mean that as an insult, of course, as, by and large, I've loved many films from Britain, and the entire United Kingdom as it stands, but there's just something about it. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but it just took a bit away from my enjoyment of the film. One of the first things I can point to is the fact that I think the film is simply too long for its own goods. While the film sees plenty of highlights in each of the weddings, spread out somewhat equally through each of the four weddings, I just still think that one of these segments could've been simply cut out just for the sake of time and pacing. I just think that, outside of the very obvious comedic highlights, everything in between these highlights, particularly the stuff between Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell, are pretty dull. I doubt I'm the only one that thought this but, outside of the movie wanting you to believe it, Hugh and Andie have a bland chemistry with each other. Their romance is just really dull to watch, in my opinion, and the fact that the film is all about Charles falling in love with Carrie makes it even worse. Personally, if it were up to me, Charles would've ended up with Fiona...Hugh just had far more natural chemistry with Kristin Scott Thomas than Andie McDowell. Because of that, the film has a really disappointing conclusion. Not to mention the dullness of their actual romance. That really took a lot away from the film, to me. That's not to say it isn't a good film, because it is, but it hasn't stood the test of time particularly well. You can't hold that against the film, I know, but you can't also hold it against me for not viewing the through 2014 eyes. Other films have universal themes that can be applied to any generation, this is not one of them and it's definitely more noticeable. Were there really no better movies in 1994 that THIS received a best picture nomination at the Oscars? It doesn't really matter in the long run. Let's just say that this isn't THAT good as to have deserved the nomination. I hate to seem as if I'm shitting on the film, because it's not bad by any means. The dialogue is good and it has plenty of very funny moments with a good cast, but its insistence on focusing the romance on two characters that have no chemistry whatsoever really hurt the quality in the long run. The movie is still pretty good, but I was expecting it to be much better. Still, if you want something light and breezy, then this will definitely be up your alley, if you haven't seen it already at least. Give me Love, Actually any day of the week.
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