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May 21, 2020
If you're up for a cerebral thriller, Fracture smartly alludes to story beats from the OJ Simpson case. It gives us an unlikely hero...
November 21, 2019
Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling go at each other with so much gusto that their performances bring a lot of fun to material that is actually quite preposterous if you stop and think about it.
January 22, 2013
January 22, 2013
January 22, 2013
January 22, 2013
October 19, 2012
The villain is more interesting than the hero, but Fracture functions well enough as a fun piece of puzzle-solving.
November 18, 2011
November 17, 2011
October 31, 2009
[Hopkins and Gosling's] courtroom power struggle holds this Fractured drama together.
June 25, 2009
Doesn't hold up to a lick of scrutiny, which is a shame, since it provides such juicy material for a pair of contrasting actors...
April 15, 2009
Um thriller bem realizado que abusa do talento da dupla principal para tentar se diferenciar de tantos outros exemplares do gênero. E quase consegue.
September 21, 2007
While you might feel conflicted between whether you're seeing Hannibal Lecter all over again or you're in awe because it's hauntingly brilliant, Anthony Hopkins and the film's makers molded pieces of the previous character into a uniquely tailored altered
September 20, 2007
A light psychological thriller that works better on a technical level than a thematic or character-centric one.
September 1, 2007
It's straightforward and nongimmicky (you don't have to wonder whodunit because we're told in the first few minutes), involves a minimum of blood and gore, and holds our interest nicely.
August 11, 2007
It's occasionally quite witty, it's able to tell us a great deal about its characters and their back stories in an economic fashion and its plot swings are surprising and compelling.
August 9, 2007
Even if you don't leave the movie entirely satisfied, you won't have had a bad time, either.
August 4, 2007
It's so well written and well acted you hope Fracture holds up all the way, but problems develop.
July 28, 2007
Ethics, morals and the will to win are the core issues of Fracture, a gripping puzzle of a thriller that plays out as a mind game between two men
June 30, 2007
Not since Lecter has a role been this well suited to Hopkins, whose intelligence and pristine formality as an actor often make him seem alien.
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