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½ November 29, 2015
Boris Karloff returns to the Frankenstein franchise, but not as the monster. This time he plays Baron Victor von Frankenstein, or at least a descendant of his who is forced to rent out his castle to a movie crew in order to get money for atomic power to conduct his experiments. While the first couple Universal Frankenstein pictures are true classics, this one is put Saturday matinee corn. Despite the low quality of the film, the studio did decide to shoot the film in CinemaScope, but outside of Karloff, there's really no reason to watch this film.
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½ July 6, 2011
A decent opening and Charlotte Austin's foxiness aside, Frankenstein 1970 is possibly the dullest movie I've seen in my life. And I watched the third Twilight movie the night before, I'd like to add. I don't get the 1970 thing considering the movie came out in 1958 and didn't look futuristic at all. Boris Karloff's school cafeteria counter garbage can included. Even fans of schlock (of which I am one) are going to have a hell of a time getting through this one....
½ June 12, 2010
Starts off good, but goes straight downhill soon after. In one of the strangest gaps of logic I've ever seen, needing eyes for his monster, Dr. Frankenstein sends his eyeless monster to get them....
March 6, 2010
This film begins with a terrific chase scene. Most of what follows doesn't live up to that beginning. Karloff as Baron Frankenstein (descendant of the original monstermaker) is the major plus of this updating 1950's style. Not a classic but worthwhile entertainment for an evening with friends.
½ October 18, 2009
Cheap, exploitive and oh so much fun. Karloff stars in this second rate 50s horror picture about a modern day Frankenstein who preys upon a tv crew filming in his castle. It's silly and there really doesn't seem to be a point to the whole mess but it is very entertaining. A true so bad it's good movie. Enjoy Karloff's ham!
½ October 15, 2009
The opening of this is one of the most fantastic openings I've seen in a film from the 50's. Then the film switches up, and I think it killed it a bit since I was so blown away at the begining. It's not a bad picture by any means, Karloff plays a decendent of Frankenstein and is trying to give the Micheline man life. Karloff is great as always, and that alone makes a rather by the numbers film worth a watch.
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