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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

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In this fifth film in Universal's "Frankenstein" series, Larry Talbot, alias The Wolf Man, is brought back to the land of the living. The anguished Talbot commiserates with gypsy lady Maria Ouspenskaya, who advises him that the only way he'll stay dead is to confer with Dr. Frankenstein.

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Lon Chaney Jr
as The Wolf Man/Lawrence Talbot
Bela Lugosi
as The Monster
Ilona Massey
as Baroness Elsa Frankenstein
Patric Knowles
as Dr. Frank Mannering
Dennis Hoey
as Inspector Owen
Don Barclay
as Franzec
Rex Evans
as Vazec
Martha Vickers
as Little Girl
Doris Lloyd
as Hospital Nurse
Jeff Corey
as Crypt Keeper
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  • Nov 02, 2014
    Two of Universal's biggest monsters collide in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. After discovering that he's immoral Lawrence Talbot journeys to Castle Frankenstein in search of Dr. Frankenstein's notes on creating life, but instead he finds the Monster himself. Lon Chaney, Jr. reprises his role as Talbot and Bela Lugosi taken on the Frankenstein role. The performances are pretty good, and the script does a fairly decent job of resurrecting Talbot and at finding a reason for him to cross paths with Frankenstein. However, there's a little bit of a bait-and-switch going on, as the story's more about discovering Frankenstein's secret journal than the monsters fighting. But the Frankenstein/Wolf Man fight does come, and doesn't disappoint. Fun and entertaining, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man is a well-crafted film that enriches Universal's Monster series.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 21, 2014
    The first and best of the monster mash-ups, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man boasts Bela Lugosi in his only turn as the monster made famous by his professional nemesis Boris Karloff. Sporting the best bad B-Movie Frankenstein title until Hammer Studios brought to life Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell in the 70s, the film remains a showcase for the two stars--monsters AND actors. As a direct sequel to The Wolf Man and Ghost of Frankenstein, the results remain dodgy. As a battle royale with cheese, however, the far-from-dusty dust-ups always equal fun. In this unrated continuation of the Universal franchise, Larry Talbot (Chaney) leaves Britain in search of a cure for the curse that causes him to transform into a werewolf with every full moon, going to the remains of Frankenstein's castle where he hopes to find there the scientific notes of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein but inadvertently finds his daughter (Ilona Massey) and the monster (Lugosi). The film puts nearly impossibly tasked screenwriter Curt Siodmak through the nearly impossible paces of pitting two legendary characters together in a somewhat believable manner in an unbelievable world of gods and monsters. His ploy works (add Talbot chips the monster from the ice to the synopsis above), but despite a career that began at Universal with The Invisible Man Returns and continued with Son of Dracula and House of Frankenstein The Wolf Man remains his screenwriting high point. Bottom line: Fast and Furry-ous
    Jeff B Super Reviewer
  • Oct 22, 2011
    2 greats meet, but not a great or memorable one here in this 40s effort. i just watched the 31 Frankeinstein version and i enjoyed, ive not seen any Wolfman adaption apart from the recent effort. which i enjoyed. here the frankeinstein side of things in terms of German seting come off okay but everything else including The wolfman dont,
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • Sep 15, 2010
    Pretty good sequels, not the best, but still worth seeing.
    Aj V Super Reviewer

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