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March 26, 2010
a bit slow but funny when it gets started
½ February 14, 2010
its obscene,,,I didn't really enjoy it,and took most budget in norwegian film?? nooo
½ December 30, 2009
haahaha vet inte om ja pallar sådana här filmer. Fula gubbar, ganska roligt på Norska dock! :P Men animerade gubbar som knullar, en känslig brud som gråte för allt. Sprit å drogade djur.. Jag kan INTE rekommendera denna film.. haha men ja borde få eloge, såg halva sen gav ja upp!
½ December 7, 2009
one of those stupid films that make you laugh and think, "what the hell?" after watching it. seriously weird film!
October 3, 2009
maby not sure so did neither
½ September 29, 2009
Help. Watching this made me embassased to be Norwegian.
September 27, 2009
err yes please, looks a good film.
½ September 26, 2009
what utter rubbish although I did sympathize with Jimmy
September 22, 2009
the plot of this film sounded great, but i foundit to be quite disappointing. so disappointing that there nothing else to say.
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½ August 17, 2009
Really weird and not my kind of movie at all, despite the fact that it has actors like Woody Harrelson and Kyle McLachlan doing the voice-overs. As for the many reasons of why I didn't like it, I'm not quite sure where to begin, but for one thing, the animation is pretty crappy and a real mess. They're jerky, stiff and about as far away from Pixar and DreamWorks as you can come. Not to mention the ugly character design, which felt like needles to the eyes. Overall, however, I'd say it's an okay film. Nothing I'd recommend, but not so bad that it's unbearable to watch.
July 19, 2009
This was a reasonably funny film. Made for adults, with sex, drugs, lots of swearing and an elephant on speed. If you like animated films, then give this a go. As far as animation goes, it was a refreshing change from the bug-eyed furry animals and superheores you normally see.
½ July 17, 2009 the brit cast! The best part of the movie for me was picking up on some fantastic voice talent - kris marshall, david tennant, Jim Broadbent and of course simon pegg. Overall, the film wasn't overly exciting but the little moments of dark humour made it all worthwhile. Excellent premise, but drags a little in feature-length format.
July 12, 2009
Eg vettkje eg. Ikkje så voldsomt løye egentligt. Satte litt pris på animasjonen te tider.
July 3, 2009
Recommended by DrLappos.
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July 2, 2009
What in the hell was this?.,......absolute mince immafraid. I had hoped for much more mand was seriously might not be but then again.......................
May 19, 2009
Fantastisk voldelig og humoristisk norsk animation. Omend plottet halter en smule, charmerer både det og den norske tale mig betragteligt.
½ November 21, 2008
Terrible, but I kinda liked the animation.
I just don't get if the movie is supposed to be funny or if the plot should be interesting.
½ November 12, 2008
not much to say than just a so-so animation.
November 9, 2008
Good casting and translation by Simon Pegg, but generally poor animation and boring plot. Interest low budget concept film from Norway that could've been over an hour shorter. Christopher Nielson, if he gets a real budget and animation team, has promise.
October 25, 2008
Jeg simpelthen digger Nielsens animastiske verden=) Megatøft manus, men synes at kvaliteten på replikkene varierer en del, dessverre.. Slutten var kjip=(
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