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½ November 20, 2017
Way too much cliche but a good lead performance and a reasonable but predictable story make it watchable. Not great, more of a liberal wet dream ha.
September 26, 2015
Another nugget of history to add to the many nuggets I have about WW2 and the French resistance......this time how the Moroccans and Algerians helped. Very interesting!
June 15, 2015
A good story well portrayed and directed. Giving some insight into some less well known stories relating to the war. Good performances and some nice soundtrack to go with it
May 31, 2015
This is a Nazi based story that uses a religious minority and location not often seen on the big screen. It's certainly an interesting enough story because of this, but it's also a very well made period drama that aims to break through modern perceptions of religious divide.
½ October 5, 2014
Contrairement aux fran├žais, aux
Italiens, aux Autrichiens, aux Hongrois, aux Polonais, aux Russes, aux Scandinaves, aux Baltes et bien entendu aux Allemands, AUCUNS PAYS, ├TATS OU GOUVERNEMENT MUSULMANS N'A LIVR├S DE JUIFS AUX NAZIS PENDANT LA 2├ME GUERRE MONDIALE !!!!
Il semble qu'Isra├źl "occulte" ce fait depuis bient├┤t 70 ans ...
June 7, 2014
Excellent retelling of a worthwhile story, with the Paris mosque being instrumental both in the Resistance and in protecting Algerian and Moroccan Jews. Tahar Rahim bears some resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch and is an excellent actor. Michael Lonsdale lends gravitas as the head of the Mosque, treading a fine line with both the Germans and the French authorities.
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April 20, 2014
In occupied France, Younes(Tahar Rahim) works in the black market. During an immigration dragnet, he is arrested while his cousin Ali(Farid Larbi) escapes. Younes is given a choice, either cooperate with the authorities and spy for them or be deported. He chooses to stay and is assigned to infiltrate the mosque presided by Ben Ghabrit(Michael Lonsdale). It is there that Younes encounters Salim(Mahmoud Shalaby), a young singer, using a dabrouka as a calling card.

"Free Men" has a few things going for it, like its unique angle on occupied France, just as nationalism for North Africa was starting to kick into gear with immigrants being pulled in two separate directions at once. But even with a milieu as neat as this one, you need a decent story which is missing here. Plus, the lead character is more than a little lacking.(Whether this is because Younes is only a composite character and Salim and Ben Ghabrit were real people is up for debate.) But then somebody should have told Michael Lonsdale, possibly miscast as he is, that this wasn't his movie, as he steals it simply through the careful application of quiet dignity.
February 23, 2014
World War Two resistance drama mixing the German occupation with the struggle for Algerian independence. Inspiring story.
February 19, 2014
The film premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival on 19 May 2011, and was released in France and Belgium on 28 September 2011. The film saw a limited (4 screens) US release on 16 March 2012, and a wider (14 screens) UK release on 25 May 2012.
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January 28, 2014
Really well done, and an interesting look at Paris under the Nazi heel, especially as the terror strikes Parisian Jews. I found the Islamic music trying, others may not, but the film is a low-key A list French production. Great actors. Great retelling of history.
½ July 25, 2013
Though the director Ismael Ferroukhi somehow fails to grasp the entire atmosphere of Paris during WW2, he succeeds in one thing, which is showing the unexplored story of the participation of Paris Mosque in helping out the French Resistance (and even some Jews and Communists too). That aspect alone makes this movie a worthy watch for history buffs.
½ May 12, 2013
Interest aspect of the Muslim implication in the resistance to Nazis in France we've never seen before
April 9, 2013
Young men in Paris Mosque fight for the survival of others under German occupation. OK but nothing really happens.**
½ March 10, 2013
An Algerian, apolitical, petty/street hustler/entrepreneur in Petainist/fascist France becomes (naturally) a spy/snitch/informant, but then finds himself joining the Resistance (even, sort of, the communist resistance, which of course is the real/true resistance). Anyway, a much-needed corrective to the Islamophobic, reactionary view which equates Muslims/Arabs (or communists!) and Nazis.
October 27, 2012
hikaye iyi gibi aslinda ama film cok yuzeysel ve kopuk ilerledi... bircok?ey havada kaldi... ve birdenbire bitti..
½ October 22, 2012
An intriguing, surprisingly low key movie that charts the remarkable guarding of certain Jews by the Muslim community in wartime Paris and starring Tahar Rahim who, after this performance, confirms himself as an actor to watch out for keenly.

Michael Lonsdale's turn is several light years away from his turn as Dr. Drax in Moonraker but close in spirit to his performance in Gods and Men, where he plays a Christian brother surrounded by fundamentalist militias in Algeria and the mood and pace of the film works well - a nice counterpoint to the more rumbustious In Darkness that saw the Jews of Lviv protected by black marketeers in that Ukrainian city's cellars.
October 2, 2012
This film is a must see!
June 30, 2012
The film is fantastic, for all the correct reasons the script setting's cast and prop's represent a truly and originally tough time in Paris between world war's. Although some of the script is fantasy it evokes a great meaning which could have been true to the time as such event's would have been very difficult to truly document. The film also represents a true meaning of the happenings for Muslim and Jew families being treated badly and at worst persecuted by Germany occupation in France. However there is some violence, but well worth seeing for an original score and something to watch for a thrilling movie and also true scenario.
June 1, 2012
Excellent if slow build up, epic tale of overlapping loyalties, bravery and betrayal in WW2 Paris, Jews, Muslims, Nazi Gemans, French Resistance and collaborators all together in an epic tale of human survival and principled defiance of evil.
May 31, 2012
Free men (French - Les Hommes Libre) is a brilliant study of personal conscience under impossible circumstances. Set in Nazi-occupied Paris in 1939-44, the film focuses on a small-time black-marketeer who is caught by the Nazis, made to act as informer, and then finds himself understanding and helping Jews to escape. Tahar Ramin conveys the cocky, smug petty villain at the start with real conviction, and hi transformation into a thoughtful member of the Resistance is beautifilly played out. Both the singer Salim and the rector are 100% convincing. The film invokes the period with tremendous attention to detail: from the cars, to the clothes, to the the Vichy sympathisers flirting in the street oblivious as Jews are rounded up and sent to their deaths. I will never be able to visit Paris again without thinking about thi film.
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