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September 26, 2016
bun pentru ambitia de a face un documentar pe neuro.
September 5, 2015
From the very first five minutes, Phie Ambo immerses the audience into the world of a tortured mind; a small child unwilling to even consider the possibility of being in an elevator, and an insistent yet patient mental-health practitioner treading through a pure and simple fear. The documentary touched every emotional chord possible in the audience, creating a perpetual "poor child" intuition on the audience, again on the first five minutes. Then Ambo immediately transfers that same sympathy to an older man, from the appearance rugged, anxious, and to some, automatically dangerous. Ambo was not only able to snapshot Dr. Davidson's research, but just as importantly transferred our sympathy from a child to a man, knowing perfectly well that most people would not even consider a tear from an adult struggling with it's own fears.
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