Free Willy Reviews

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July 6, 2005
July 16, 2004
May 26, 2004
Gooey pap that drowns in its own phoniness.
August 29, 2003
May 1, 2003
A good family picture that does not get too sweet; worth a look.
February 6, 2003
Free Willy focuses on the friendship between a troubled 12-year-old boy and an orca at an adventure park. It will appeal tremendously to all "friends of nature," a term coined by Albert Schweitzer.
January 14, 2003
I'd advise proceeding with caution unless you know what's in the water.
January 14, 2003
...many adults will find it too blatantly manipulative, but all the same it is decent, lightweight, juvenile entertainment.
January 11, 2003
Michael Madsen as a "good guy" foster father? Lori Petty as a whale trainer? Who cast ths movie!?).
November 22, 2002
It's like Lassie with whales. Only siller.
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