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March 27, 2017
I love it only because it's so damn cheesy.
March 11, 2017
Strong entry in a fun horror franchise. Vickie's death was memorable because it was creepy and sad.
March 5, 2017
One of the franchise's high points. It's a routine slasher (Halloween in the woods) done by the books, complete with jump scares, cheesy dialogue, and cool kills. Perfect midnight movie.
½ February 26, 2017
Friday the 13th Part 2 set the stage for Jason Voorhees in his debuting appearance as the campground killer -- and represents one of the most important moments in the classic franchise's history with a sometimes clumsy but deliciously gory showcase for its killer's deadly talents.
February 6, 2017
I really don't know which is better the original or this out of the original 80s Friday the 13th movies. These are the best 80s, not whole franchise just 80s. Back to the movie, the kills are well done and can be freaky in lots of ways and make it unique. Even if its not really scary the kills are still good in any time. The cast is not relevant today but meh they are cheesy acting so its okay. The plot is the same old cabin in the woods teenagers get murdered and yadaydadyada but its how its is. This is also Jason Voorhess first time as the slaughtering maniac which is really what its iconic for. However the plot twist is so bad its good or the ending is... never-mind. The mask is just a bag but it actually makes seance Jason cant find anything else to cover his face. Enjoyable, fun, cliched, cheesy, meh scary, and recommended to slasher fans. 4 stars 82%
½ February 5, 2017
first one was better but that's not saying much
January 29, 2017
Dumb ok just another Friday the 13th that doesn't show Jason's iconic hockey mask. I'm still waiting, please say that they will finally show Jason's hockey mask after 3 flipping movies. This movie is pretty much the first movie but with Jason Voorhees murdering college kids that are counselors and with a new cast because duh, everybody in the first Friday the 13th movie died except the one girl but soon dies after the first 4 minutes of the movie. This movie isn't special in any way but I do like that Jason is killing people instead of his mother. And I also like that he's getting revenge not only for himself because of what happened with the counselors long ago when he was a child but also for his mom. I don't get how his mom's head is all moldy and rotten, wouldn't it already decomposed by now, it's been five years since the one girl chopped her head off but hey logic never works out in horror movies.
½ January 24, 2017
Totally inept and boring, apart from the final 20 minutes that has good tension. Otherwise, suffers from a total absence of a story and the little it got is in bad shape. The final girl has zero sympathy capital.
January 18, 2017
We got to see Jason here!
½ January 15, 2017
The First One I Liked and hated It's Because Well why I don't like it is because there is no Jason Which Jason is the main character of Friday the 13th But I liked it because it was just good! But This Film Friday the 13th Part 2! WAS Good! Hasn't Got Better Ratings Then The 1st One Evan Though This MOVIE does feature Jason Voorhees I don't know I just gave it That That's a pretty good deal Huh!?
January 14, 2017
A good introduction to Jason as the franchise's primary villain.
December 29, 2016
a weird sequel to a embarrassing film just a year earlier but with jason
November 6, 2016
Arguably, the first true Friday the 13th film as it introduces Jason Voorhees as the killer. The atmosphere is creepier with a stronger cast including John Furey and Amy Steel. Jason's sack appearance is far more terrifying than the hockey mask.
November 4, 2016
The follow up sequel to Friday series that picks up immediately where the first ended. The opening starts with the only surviving girl from the first & he quick ending by the hands of Jason.

Quite similar in plot to the first but production values are higher with a clearly larger budget this time around.

Jason doesn't adopt the hockey mask just yet but stills keeps the killing spree high. Considered by many the last good quality film in the series of 12.
November 3, 2016
What a waste of time, mean our time to watch and the time and money to make such idiotic movies.
November 1, 2016
The first movie was not good, and the second one is a little worse.
October 31, 2016
Better than its predecessor, and it introduces the series' iconic villain.
½ October 31, 2016
The survivor from Part 1 quickly dies in this movie. Jason is out for revenge after witnessing his mom's beheading in the first film. This is also a very solid film, like part 1. Jason doesn't wear the iconic mask yet in this movie but it's still good. Though, I like this one a little better than part 1, it's not a whole lot better...just barely, so I still have to give it the same rating as the first film. 7/10 OR 3.5/5
October 28, 2016
Pretty much a remake of the first film because of the similarities, part two continues where the first one left off. After Jason's mum's killing spree was put to an end we see Jason now take on the merciless killings of teenage campers. The storyline was unoriginal and was a repeat of the first however it was nice to see a new killer with different murders. Not a bad sequel.
October 10, 2016
May not be the best sequel in history, but still was a good introduction to one of film's greatest slashers.
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