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½ October 31, 2016
The survivor from Part 1 quickly dies in this movie. Jason is out for revenge after witnessing his mom's beheading in the first film. This is also a very solid film, like part 1. Jason doesn't wear the iconic mask yet in this movie but it's still good. Though, I like this one a little better than part 1, it's not a whole lot better...just barely, so I still have to give it the same rating as the first film. 7/10 OR 3.5/5
October 28, 2016
Pretty much a remake of the first film because of the similarities, part two continues where the first one left off. After Jason's mum's killing spree was put to an end we see Jason now take on the merciless killings of teenage campers. The storyline was unoriginal and was a repeat of the first however it was nice to see a new killer with different murders. Not a bad sequel.
October 10, 2016
May not be the best sequel in history, but still was a good introduction to one of film's greatest slashers.
October 9, 2016
A very suspenseful movie with more character personality than the last one. Sure, the ending was a mysterious downplay, but was scary knowing Jason was alive and well.
½ October 8, 2016
Worthy, enjoyable sequel. Does some great things it'll probably never get proper love for. Exceptional camera moves when it counts, for instance.
½ October 6, 2016
A rather base, derivative sequel to the effective (if ham-fisted) first Friday. It's less bloody but every bit as violent, with a comically ever-present Jason stalking through the shadows in almost every scene (no matter how distant), seeking hapless teenagers to string up for the vaguest of reasons. He's not quite the icon he'd grow into with later installments - no hockey mask, clunky coveralls, a tuft of long brown hair - but he does a fair job of mixing up the arsenal and he's usually bathed in shadows so we can give that a pass. There isn't much to root for in the bland cast of victims, which checks off stereotypes like a politically-correct Saturday morning cartoon. Even at an economical eighty-seven minutes, I felt like we were spending a bit too much time with these shallow, repetitive supporting characters. Special points for sending the wheelchair-bound counselor down a steep flight of stairs with a gaping head wound, though. Redundant and formulaic, rambling and aimless, it's a little too comfortable with aping the original where it could be seeking broader pastures.
½ October 5, 2016
I actually enjoyed this film slightly better than the original overall. The story is more interesting and the characters are more relatable. Still this is basically a rehash of the first film but with Jason rather than his mother. Worth a watch for horror fans but nothing more.
½ August 26, 2016
3.5/5 - My favourite Friday the 13th film
August 7, 2016
It's practically the exact same movie as the first one (including the obvious fake ending once again). It just feels repetitive after a while and the fact that they felt that doing 10 minutes of flashbacks and recap at the beginning was needed is just sad. It's like they think that they created a masterpiece or something... also, the movie just isn't scary whatsoever. It's not really a drop in quality from the first like Halloween and other franchises since it feels the same, but the quality in the first place wasn't that high to begin with. Talk about faint praise. Hopefully Jason finally gets his mask in the next one...
August 4, 2016
It may not have the nostalgic charm of its predecessor, but FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 2 is a perfectly fine and acceptable horror flick with fun to spare. The performances are better than the previous movie, and the scares are more efficient. Also, Steve Miner is a tremendous filmmaker with a talent for building tension. I watched this film thirty-five years after its original theatrical release, and even so I was very entertained and even scared at times.
July 30, 2016
Just the same as the first one.
July 24, 2016
A lackluster follow up that is extremely slow paced. We do get to actually see Jason in this film, but he's far from the crazed killer that we know and love today.
July 15, 2016
Another great "Friday The 13th" film. Burlap sack Jason was really chilling.
July 14, 2016
A great first appearance of the famous Camp Crystal Lake killer Jason Voorheese! This film has it's ups, and downs, but still manages to be entertaining. The only problem is it is mostly the same as the original.
July 11, 2016
The film is the same thing the first one was with a different killer. It lacks story and originality and is not nearly as fun and spooky as Friday the 13th
July 11, 2016
A lazy rehash of the first film, Jason is one movie closer to obtaining his iconic mask.
½ July 11, 2016
Hey, Jason is in this one! Listen folks, cult classics like this are always meant to be seen, you really have to enjoy cheesy horror cliches and bad acting to like the first and second Friday the 13th. This is just an overall dud.
July 9, 2016
Compared to the first film, Friday The 13th Part 2 is a very well made film, and a little bit more entertaining than the original. This film was just so well thought of and put together that I do consider it my favorite film out of the entire franchise, and that's saying a lot because their are a few other great Friday The 13th films, I just love how this one turned out. Being very simple and extremely clever in the hope of being a fun film, Friday The 13th completely succeeds at being a fun, campy, and very entertaining horror film.
½ July 9, 2016
Part 2 is basically a repeat of the first film except this time Jason is the killer. The killer in part 2 may be more intimidating, but it doesn't have the same effect as the first one, because there is really no surprise element when we first see who the killer is, Overall Part 2 is an okay sequel and isn't a bad movie.
June 18, 2016
Wasn't an awful movie as far as sequels go, but it did take awhile to get going. Don't expect the super human hockey mask Jason either. Not bad. But I have a feeling that these movies are going to get worse as I move along. ***
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